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Hunter Pence's girlfriend Terrie B.



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Hunter Pence's girlfriend Terrie B is relatively unknown. All we know is, well honestly... not much.  We're pretty sure that her name is Terrie B.   Is that enough?

Wait, we have more.  We're also pretty sure that she's been a bartender in the Houston area (confirmed to have worked at Pub Fiction and Hard Rock at the very least)  She's also done some very classy and tasteful "bikini" modeling work.

OK, now we're really out of information.  Enjoy the scenery.

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6 Responses to “Hunter Pence's girlfriend Terrie B.”

  1. Gina

    One question...how did he wind up with her? He isn't even cute, I guess she likes the money.

  2. pop

    your super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. pop

    sexy to very.

  4. James

    She's ok.

  5. mike

    Class act. No wonder the Giants are floundering.

  6. nick casasanta

    shes perfect. Nice and juicy the way I like it.

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