Hunter Pence’s girlfriend Lindsay Slott


  1. Anon

    As a close source of Lindsay….the bio you read is actually incorrect. The site manager switched her bio with that of the other Lindsey that was on the team last season. The interests you read are completely wrong! Ha!!

  2. Anon

    Also, the picture in the red top is not her either….that is a different Lindsay that was apart of the team a few years ago before Lindsay Slott joined the team.

    She is 23 years old, and definitely does not own a great dane.

    You should challenge the accuracy of all of the informatin above actually.


  3. Bernice frm SF

    You dont need a dork like Hunter. he is a jerk and your better off without him. I met him and he thought he was all that. I prefer good looking latin men of which he is not. good luck with your love life and i hope you find the man of your dreams who will treat you good.

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