Chad Gaudin’s wife Syndal Gaudin


  1. mike

    Gaudin may have a fastball but he is a pathetic and sad excuse for a human being. Can you say Roid Rage?

  2. Chris

    The guy’s a creep and his wife is overrated and over photoshopped. Dumb as a doornail too by allowing herself to be disrespected like that!

  3. rgball

    TOTAL CREEPER! Sad that he has no brain. Not to mention his wife is completely rude and very disrespectful. I waited on them recently at a restaurant (can not disclose) so excited I gave them extra TLC made sure they were satisfied. Not letting them know I was a huge fan of baseball, as I was worried they would be distracted on date night. She had an attitude, threw her plate back at me and was by far the rudest customer I’ve ever helped in my 15yrs of waitressing. Needless to say I never had a chance to say “great job” I went home crying. PATHETIC PERSON SYNDAL GAUDIN IS!!!! I believe she is unhappy.

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