10/29/14 (Updated)

Bruce Bochy's wife Kim Bochy

Not much to complain about with Bruce Bochy's wife Kim Bochy. For a woman in her mid 50's, the former Kim Seib is still a looker, which isn't entirely shocking for a girl from Florida. For those not familiar with Bruce he is a former player who turned to managing starting with the San Diego Padres and currently the San Francisco Giants. Bruce, who was the son of an Army vet, moved quite often when he was young which probably helped to acclimate him to the life of a professional athlete and coach. Bruce was actually born in France before the family finally settled in Florida. Bruce attended Brevard Community College to play baseball. While at Brevard he met Kim during her freshman, his sophomore, year. Eventually Bruce would head to FSU to continue playing baseball. Drafted as a catcher Bruce played for about 10 years in the majors before turning to the coaching circuit. This upcoming January Bruce and Kim will be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, having been married in 1978. The couple have two sons, Brett and Greg. Brett, a pitcher, was drafted by Bruce's team and is now working his way up the farm system of the Giants.

Interesting note, not sure why this caught my attention but it was mentioned in a few things I read about Bruce. Apparently Bruce has a big head. No not in the sense he thinks a lot about himself, (although who could blame him if that was an issue too) but physically he has a big head. He's a size 8 and when he used to play he only had one helmet and had to take it from team to team, painting it each time since making a size 8 was tough. Anyone remember Kevin Mench?

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8 Responses to “Bruce Bochy's wife Kim Bochy”

  1. Ian

    I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Kim, so I know nothing about her beyond the fact that: A) she's Bruce Bochy's wife and B) she indeed is drop-dead gorgeous. (it's irrelevant that she's in her 50's because beauty is beauty, and she's beautiful!)

  2. Greg Veazey

    Kim is my 1st cousin and I've met her, Bruce and the boys a few times. She is beautiful inside and out.

  3. Charlie Clapper

    Kim, what's the possibility of getting two tickets to the World Series?
    We'll have dinner and talk old times.

  4. Jim Sharp

    Kim----I am curious. Are you the niece of my High School classmate Dick Phillips?

    Jim Sharp

  5. Mary (Logan) Via

    Hello...I grew up with Bruce. in Falls Church, Va. He lived on Birchwood and I lived on Pinewood. We attended Belvedere Elem. and went to Miss Wagner's 6th grade Maypole dancetogether...lol! He moved away when I went into high school. He loved baseball even then. He was a good guy even though Greg Gilbert was a better dancer! :-)

    Im a HUGE Washington National's fan as I still live in the area. I attebd many games as my fiance coached little league for 16 years. He is a wonderful guy as I lost my husband to cancer 12 years ago.

    We wush you and your family the best of luck in winning San Francusco Giant's third Workd Series Championship under Bruce.

  6. Bill Duckett

    Kim, I remember having fun with you and Bruce in the old BCC days. Fun times, so I checked my photo album and ran across a photo when a bunch of us went out on Gus' boat and caught a lot of trout. It's a stitch, we look like a bunch of misfits. Never was much of a Giants fan, but now I am. Go giants! Best to you and your family.

  7. Dave Hadley

    Heck yes, I remember when, as kids, Bruce and I jumped off that picnic table in Big Bend National Park!! My goodness, Bruce almost got eaten by a shark because he was wearing pink!!!

    And I also remember when Kim and I snuck into the drive-in movie, hidden in the trunk of Jill's car, but Jill had a fatal heart attack after parking and Kim and I ended up spending three weeks in that trunk!!!

    No.......wait.....I was thinking about Bruce and Kim BLOTCHY ! ! My bad....

  8. Sue a Mom

    Hello. My Daughter Kristi and your husband share the same birthday.She turns the big 30 this year. She is an avid fan and loves "her" Giants. So without saying she wants to celebrate her day at the ballpark!! I signed up for her to do the Lou seal ride around the ballpark. Hopefully I get that date!! Would love if she could meet Bruce even for a minute to give him a birthday hug. She has so much respect for him. It would make her 30th unforgettable!