03/19/15 (Updated)

Barry Zito's wife Amber Marie Seyer

Barry Zito has been dating the former Miss Missouri for a little over a year, and were engaged in April of 2011. Instead of wasting time (admittedly, like I did), the couple took care of the nuptials right away, and will be married on Saturday, December 3, 2011.
It will be interesting to see how Giants split this weekend, as OF Nate Schierholtz is getting married at the same time, to his girlfriend, former college basketball player at SDSU, Kate Eveland.

Like we revealed in the opening sentence, Amber is the 2007 Miss Missouri who now calls herself an actress. Her IMDB credits include one episode of daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful, and a role in the movie The Change Up, where she is billed as "Beautiful Woman." Her next project should be easy to play, as "Amber the Actor," in the 2012 movie Starting from Scratch.

This might be the coolest story about a professional athlete ever.
The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Zito filed for his marriage license on November 18. They interviewed the county clerk, Joyce Whitney, who processed the request. Whitney recounts a fantastic story:
"I asked if he wanted a confidential one, and he said 'no.,' He said, 'Just give me a public one - I'm over myself.' "
Barry Zito... badass move, man.

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7 Responses to “Barry Zito's wife Amber Marie Seyer”

  1. jez

    Ugly, with tacky implants.

  2. jklsf

    Could she be more gorgeous? Could he? Perfect looking couple. Hope they have a long and blissful future together. and she keeps him happy so he keeps pitching the way he did last season.

  3. carol davis

    If she had any respect for her husband she would stop the soft porn pics. I can not believe he is ok with that. I know that Harry Connick Jr. put the kibosh on his Victoria Secret model wifes career before they were married. I say good for him.

  4. Bob C.

    Carol ... get a clue and get over yourself.

  5. jdb

    Did you meet barry at a kc royals/oakland A's game at Royals Stadium?

  6. mike

    Silicone Valley. See them in divorce court sometime in the future.

  7. tv series

    Jeter looks pretty negative, but a second half turnaround wouldn