Aubrey Huff’s wife Baubi Huff


  1. primetimedonna

    Certainly have never heard of Huff being anything but a family man. Other than his friendship with Burrell he’s seems pretty tame. On what do you base this claim?

  2. primetimedonna

    Know he spends some time in the Marina bars, but was under the impression it was more as a wing man with Burrell. Never saw or heard of him being with any “blonde bimbos”. Also spends time in the area during the day with his sons. Do you really know differently?

  3. blahdedoo

    family man my ass, he has two kids and a wife and has the audacity to hit on my sister while people claim he is family oriented, this man is far from faithful and awkward to say the least.

  4. primetimedonna

    So have you followed him around the last 1-5 years to Vegas, California and the Hard Rock in Florida?? Pretty amazing!


    Nope, just like casinos so I spend time at the Hard Rock and Vegas and Huff just happened to be there. And its not like the guy is even discrete about it. Chasing waitresses and VIP hosts. He’s a white version of Tiger Woods, just with better taste in women. I like blondes too. Just thought he’d be smarter than to do it in the open. He’s pretty recognizable (at least he is if you follow sports). Take that shit behind closed doors. Who knows, maybe his wife knows he’s a douche and just turns the other cheek. Either way, pretty good athlete but, keep your girlfriends and sisters away from him.

  6. Ruapsycho

    So u see him at the hard rock in Florida , seen him at casinos in Cali, and out of the 200 casinos in Vegas you see him there as well? Highly doubt it!! Your either a 40 year old virgin phillies fan who is hating! A so called friend of his who probably wants to bang his wife and make him look like shit by calling him out online where no one knows who you are because I’m sure that he would kick your ass! Or he banged your wife, mom, or sister or all 3 at the same time and this is your only retaliation!! Pretty sad either way for you!! Now try and go get a life rukiddingme!!!

  7. primetimedonna


    LOL! I see lots of comments with very little backup. Annoying to see these accusations. Anyone can make them, but as I said, no when, where, what, who etc. Your take on things was priceless!

  8. pico

    According to court records from Hillsborough County, Fla., his wife, Baubi, filed for divorce on Jan. 31 2012. The couple has been married since 1997 and has two young sons.

  9. Laurie

    Well, looks like he’ll be back on the market when he gets his anxiety/panic attack disorder under control. This may be his doing, or could be his wife’s issue. Either way, sorry for the children. Hope all works out well for all of them. Always sad when something like this happens. Hope no one feels the necessity to kick him when he’s down.

  10. Anonymous

    Really sorry to hear suc h negative and downgrading comments….be they true or not. No one is perfect. there are two innocent boys to think. Sometimes people learn from their mistakes.

    Hope things work out Aubrey. I like your style as a Giant. Good Luck whatever the case maybe.

  11. Kendall

    I know Aubrey for the longest since he was a cane n even though he has
    Some issue who are you guys to start talking shit bout him. He is human just like rest of the us

  12. Marlies

    Aubrey needs help with his anxiety no matter where it started. I work with Aromatherapy and recommend the book: Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Daniel Macdonald. The recommendation for anxiety is Basil Oil, Breathe and/or Past Tense blend from doTERRA essential oils. This book has a wealth of information for everybody. Try natural medicine first.

  13. Mira

    Aubreyshould look into gut healing, good quality omega 3 oils, probiotics, some diet champs, some natural detox. With respect to MDs in conventional medicine, alternative practitioners have great success in healing anxiety and neuro-psychological disorders.
    To your health, Aubrey.

  14. Laurie

    It would appear that Aubrey & Baubi are back together or at least working on things. They have been spotted together at the Ballpark and around San Francisco. Hope they can work things out for their sake and the sake of those adorable little boys of theirs.

  15. The Hard Truth

    So…….let’s release the skeletons from each of your closets! Get off the man’s NUTS & appreciate what he’s done for the game.

  16. Laurie

    From all appearances, both Aubrey and Baubi appear to be settling in to a nice, post baseball life. Hear they are living in the San Diego area, are still together, and in fact renewed their vows last year. Aubrey seems to have the right tools for a successful career in broadcasting. Hopefully that news won’t ruin your day. Many of us are delighted when people can overcome tough times, even those they may have created, and decide to stay together and provide a nice life for their kids. He publicly apologized to his wife for acting like a jerk, and she seems to be giving him another chance. Good for them and their boys!!

  17. G

    Good Comments Laurie! Maybe, we should all be happy a marriage has been saved vs. destroyed. Besides, I’m sure there are two children who are happy that their parents are still together.

  18. P

    Baubi is a college educated attractive blonde whom worked her way through college bartending.She didn’t chase ball players for money. She in fact doesn’t like baseball. Baubi is a woman of the arts,she happens to love the man. I’ve known her and has met him.He has faults like all. I would not want my life scrutinized on the web by a lot of strangers that don’t have all the facts.The jerks are the ones with all the negative judgements.

  19. R

    Both Baubi and Aubrey and children are so sweet and lovely family. Spent time with them and A was a total gentleman and sweet husband and father. B is one of the most down to earth people I know and she hateed being around people who like to be seen.. She is funny and a wonderful mom to her children and A is a wonderful loving Dad. They are just a lovely down to earth happy family with the regular ups and down like the rest of us.

  20. Laurie

    Am delighted that Aubrey is not only announcing College Baseball, but also has a regular gig on a morning FM Sports talk show in San Francisco. Hear he and Baubi are moving the family to the Bay Area. Welcome to all of them!!

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