Carlos Quentin’s wife Jeane Goff Quentin


  1. Jonathan Klein

    If Carlos Quentin’s wife actually wrote this the day after the Greinke incident, and agreed to the website host enabling a link to “reply to her” (I hope someone screens these), and gave you two awful photos of herself, her poor judgment, despite her Stanford education, is only rivaled by her husband’s, and they both deserve exactly what they get from the Dodgers and Dodgers’ fans.

    Good luck,
    Best regards,

  2. Terry Lowrey

    Hi Jeane,
    I have never met you but have heard wonderful things about you from the Rizzo family.
    I just wanted to tell you that I send a prayer for you, Carlos and your family regarding this situation. I wish everyone knew what a good man he is. I truly believe anyone would eventually tire of being what is quite obviously a target and there is no good reason for it. You could tell that Carlos was frustrated and then on top of that provoked which is what broke the camels back. Everyone is talking about Grienkes injury. I want to know how Carlos is doing? That ball had to have tweeked his shoulder.
    I am so sorry and I hope his appeal is taken quickly and access carefuuly. To me it doesn’t seem that the tormentor gets an easier deal than the guy defending himself.
    If you need a get away, come down and meet me, I’ll buy you a glass of wine.
    Terry Lowrey
    Bernardo Winery wedding manager

  3. Jon

    Unlike Terry I hope Carlos is injured and misses as many games or more than Greinke. Quentin is a MORON! A 2-1 game and Full Count and he is the lead-off hitter and he think Greinke is trying to hit him? MOOOOOOOOOOOOORON!

  4. Pape Francis

    Jeane Goff Quentin will one day be anointed a saint because she has to endure the pain & suffering of marrying an idiot like Carlos Quentin. God bless you.

    His excellency,
    Pope Francis

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