03/19/15 (Updated)

Russell Martin's girlfriend Marikym Hervieux

Russell Martin's girlfriend Marikym Hervieux is the sister of Valerie Gagne, Eric Gagne's wife. Marikym is a French Canadian model who has also appeared on an episode of Entourage as Josh Weinstein's girlfriend Ima.

Martin was a rumored frequent Party goer in the Los Angeles club scene, which some have used as the reason for his sub par 2008 season. Martin has called Marikym his muse and the stabilizing force in his life. She has also provided a constant help in Martin's charitable endeavors this year, including hosting patients from local youth hospitals at Dodger games.

Martin credits Marikym with helping him take a calmer, more relaxed approach to the season. He says that part of what's helped is settling down with a steady girlfriend. When asked if he was ready to have children with Marikym, he admits that they're not ready yet, but ‘We are practicing a lot.’

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15 Responses to “Russell Martin's girlfriend Marikym Hervieux”

  1. lucy

    WOW! Russell really has himself a great girl! She is beautiful! WOW! She really must treat him well and seeing as he says she is his inspiration she must have really loved him SOOOO much! And awwwww how cute! They want to have babies!

  2. brii

    There is a pic of them together on dodgers.com under the photo gallery of the 2009 bowling

  3. solis

    i hate her -_-

  4. cindy

    guess what they are history. no more marikym, she was th reason he played so bad , she abused him emotionally , physically and verbally. thank God, they re no more.


    Russ Martin is not a very handsome guy to say the least so i would say this model chick is with a bad looking ballplayer thus she falls in the category of serious gold digger.

  6. Laura

    Adios, I can still dream. He is cute and very nice ass!

  7. Anonymous

    not opropiate

  8. Snowman

    That first pic is Holly Valance, taken from the movie DOA.

  9. Gina

    FYI....Rich white men seem to be dating and marrying dark skinned black women these days..

  10. Monnette

    You're right - the first pic is NOT Marikym. And to give you an update - she's been back in Canada for over 2 years, has a new boyfriend, and just had his baby. So Russell is available if anyone wants him, but be ready for a guy with a roving eye who may still like to "play the field"....!

    By the way, to "Lisa" - no, you're wrong: Russell was the bad guy in the relationship, not Marikym.

  11. Kaytee

    Is Russell Martin white, or is he bi-racial??

  12. Gina

    He is bi-racial and very cute! would love to have him if he is single. Seems like a really nice guy and a former Yankee-- awesome!

  13. Kristen

    Anyone who says he's unattractive clearly hasn't seen his underwear modeling. Seriously, Google it, and get your fans ready.

  14. Dan Maloney

    Why not a rich young handsome Irish Catholic man?

  15. lorrie barkins

    why does she look like a ho?