Brandon Inge’s wife Shani Inge


  1. ivantopumpyouup

    //But after Brandon won his starting gig from another player, does it then become unfair for someone else to have lost their starting job?//

    It’s hilarious how many people forget that Inge won third base from Eric Munson. Where is the Eric Munson pity party?!

  2. pjr

    This is pathetic. These are good people, good citizens of Detroit who have done a lot for charity. They even choose to live there in the off-season, and the man works his ass off. Players’ wives are entitled to make a few inappropriate comments to the media without getting their heads blown off on boards like this.

  3. thinds

    They are entitled to make inappropriate comments just like you, me, or the president. And also like you, me and the president, comments made to journalists, on the record and in public forums are open to scrutiny. She made a comment that flies in the face of competing for your job in sports. The fact is that Brandon Inge at his best could never be half the player that Miggy Cabrera is at his worst. For her to whine about losing his starting role is sad, disingenuous and frankly insulting and insensitive to Eric Munson.

  4. Anonymous

    lmao back it up? what you want? his texts asking to hook up? you people dont know crap until you actually meet him and talk to him! its sad to think that he probably really is still married but says he isnt to get in someones pants!every single person that is rich and famous is a great guy in the community, they have to be! The only thing that matters is his wife and if he is still with her like he claims he isnt than i feel bad for her!

  5. anonymous

    Wow! I thought I was actually going to learn something on this site. Talk about trash and gossip! I won’t be back here, that’s for sure. Buh bye!

  6. recon

    You people have issues if your gonna bash someone who has donated to sick people and been a good role model for our kids, who cares about his personal life, take a look at your own and stfu, Hyprocrits!

    People like you that bash others really have no life do you???

    I wish Brandon and his family the best and I will always be a fan, sadly baseball is not what it once was and players barely ever retire at the team they began.

    Its like RL in a real job once you get old, they throw you in the trash.!

    I hardly watch baseball anymore or any sport because its all about money now a days ….. They dont care about the players or the fans….

  7. Jean Oleksiak

    Shani, Brandon
    You were and still are our favorite tiger player. We miss you in the Tiger Uniform but also get excited when your playing against the tigers. We (my husband and I) wish you lots of playing time with the new team. Your the best as a player and a person. We love you. Thanks to you and shani forf all your hard work and efforts you both put in to make other people happy.
    Ken and Jean Oleksiak
    Harrison township, Mich.

  8. Don

    We loved Brandon in Toledo. Happy that he made the big time. I still can not tell from all this. Are You divorced? Are you in Oakland? Best of luck.

  9. Terry Sheldrake C/M Comerica Park

    Brandon and Shani Inge and Family;
    It has been a pleasure to know you both and talk to you and your Son’s. You have done a lot of good things in the Detroit area. I talked to Brandon before and after the first game on 9-18-12 and expressed that we do miss him and hope that he and his family do well while he is playing for the Oakland A’s. Shani I remember talking to you on different occasions while you waiting for Brandon to come out to the field after a game, it was a nice experience talking to you by the dugout and you explaining to me that Brandon would be taking care of his knee problems after the season ended. We also talked after another event in the stands. My wife and I wish you both the best and stay in contact with us at the ballpark, it’s not the same without you both there, We Miss You Both. My wife even bought me your #7 Athlectic Jersey to go along with my #15 Detroit old english D and proud to wear them both. Good Luck and stay in contact with Detroit, 3rd base will miss your acrobatics on the hot corner.

  10. Jim Head

    Brandon and Shani should get Jesus Christ back in their life and raise the Children in a CHRISTIAN HOME. EVERYTHING WILL BE OK all good things come from above. All things work out for good to those that serve the lord.
    Forget the past work w
    for god and your Children. Then we can call you “THE HAPPY INGE FAMILY”
    Brandon you were one of my favorite Tigers. God bless and keep you Jim
    We saw you in Lakeland the past 10 years

  11. irene heath

    If it is true that you and Brandon are separated, I am so sorry. Brandon was always my fav. player on the Tigers team. I still keep up with what he’s doing on my computer. I hated that his offence was more important than his defense.I wish you both well and hope you both can work things out.

  12. debbie Johnson

    I hope that you can work it out. It has to be hard when you live here and he is on the road allot.

  13. Dottie Snyder

    I have a 9 year old grandson who worships Brandon Inge. His first Tiger game had Brandon at 3rd base. He wanted to be a 3rd baseman just like him. He was very sad when Brandon was traded. When Oakland came to Detroit, we splurged and got tickets by the Oakland dugout only to find out Brandon did not make the trip because of an illness. Please tell Brandon not to give up hope. He came still have an impact on young people’s lives. God will lead him if he will let Him.


    With your love for the game, I hopee to see your name on the payroll in some in some non playing position.
    Good luck. Thanks for the memories of some spectacular glove work.

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