Roy Halladay’s wife Brandy Halladay


  1. Tom Howden

    Brandy (and Roy)

    Thank you.

    Thank you for all you have done for Toronto, and the class that you have exhibited both on and off the field. I sincerely hope that the Halladay family will not be traded, but if it comes to pass, please know that the fans of Roy (and Brandy) will continue to follow your careers where ever it may take you. I am a huge sports fan (Toronto centric) and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone in pro sport handle a difficult situation with the class and dignity that the two of you have exhibited. Again, all the best to you and yours. Roy is quite possibly the classiest (I’m overusing that word, but …. it is what it is) player to ever ply his trade in Toronto. Teeder Kennedy of the Maple Leafs comes to mind, Michael Clemons of the Argonauts, Alvin Williams of the Raptors, but I can’t place anyone above Roy. My father was a terrific baseball fan, we lost him just a couple years ago. Roy was his favourite Blue Jay of all time. His favourite ball player of all time? Roberto Clemente. Good company to keep, I think.

    Thank you again.
    All the success in the world to you both.

    Tom Howden

  2. Gary

    Dear Roy and Brandy,
    I think that most Blue Jays’ fans had no idea about your religious
    convictions. Have you heard of Dr. Ravi Zacharias? He was recently invited to give a message at the main LDS cathederal that was very well received. I would encourage you to listen to the message — it certainly warmed my heart!


    P.S. We Jays’ fans will be on your side, regardless of where you end up!

  3. Diane

    In Philly we’re hearing what wonderful people you are. I hope that’s true. However, your comment that Cliff Lee was just keeping number 34 warm for you was one of the most classless and obnoxious things I have ever heard come out of our local sports scene. This is a city that was home to Charles Barkley and Terrell Owens so that is quite an accomplishment. Lee, in spite of his disappointment in being traded, has been nothing but exceedingly complimentary of your husband. I’ve heard nothing similar coming out of Roy’s mouth and you feel compelled to insult him. Not a good first impression for me.

  4. Mac McCausland

    There are no better people than Doc and Brandy Hallady. Just by giving some of our abused and abandoned kids a chance to meet them and attend a Phillie’s game meant so much to them…..They now believe someone cares.

    In these days of selfish stars it is truly a message from God that people like the Halladays still care so much for others.

    Bless tham both.

    Mac McCausland

  5. Roy Halladay Jr

    This piece of shit woman ruined her husbands legacy by shitting on his wish to be in the hall of fame as a BLUE JAY. The HOF Committee should never have allowed him to be in the hall without a jays uniform. Fuck you Brandy.

    From every single Toronto and about 95% of all Canadian baseball fans.

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