Rickey Henderson’s wife Pam Henderson


  1. Nina Duric

    Hi Mrs. Henderson,
    My name is Nina Duric and I am a junior at Maine South High School in Illinois. Your husband happens to be my AP English teacher’s favorite athlete of all time. Not just baseball player, but athlete. If you or your husband would be willing enough to send my English teacher, James McGowan, an e-mail he would be incredibly excited. His e-mail is jmcgowan@maine207.org and he would love to hear from either one of you. I know this would take some of your valuable time, but it would mean a lot to me and my teacher, Mr. McGowan.
    After reading about you and your husband, I can see why my teacher is such a fan.
    Thank you again,
    Nina Duric

  2. Buck patterson

    Howdy Boo ! Buck here, I was on line and ran across your name. Hope all is well with you two, God has been good to my wife and I. Tell my old friend I’m well and still love him just for the Daddy Rick ! I know. And tell him don’t be upset with me, we’ve got to much history together for that. Take care of him, I know you are, and let him know I still love him. Y’all’s old friend buck p.

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