Pat Neshek’s Wife Stephanee Neshek


  1. Lourdes

    I cannot even begin to imagine how you must be felling, I’m very sorry for your loss. May God give you the strength to carry on.

  2. Eric & Laurie Miner

    Dear Pat and Stephanee,

    Nobody’s words, expression of sorrow or prays will do anything to take the pain away. We know because we lost three children in the third trimester. Nothing made us feel better until we net other parents who have had the same gut wrenching pain. We tried soooo hard to get pregnant each time and each time it ended in sorrow. We almost gave up….but this December we’ll be celebrating our son Liam’s 20th birthday. Yes it’s hard to hear this…but it does get better and yes you will have the family you want.

    All our love,
    Eric, Laurie and Liam Miner
    (formerly of the Bay Area and always A’s fans!)

  3. Hilda McCann

    May God give you both the strength to carry on! God was missing an angel and your
    little boy was the closest there was to pure innocence and love. I am a mother and no
    mom or dad should have to endure this. he is in God’s arms now and will forever watch over you and your future kids. much love and peace to all

  4. Stacie

    I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling right now. Rest assured there are so many people praying for you and your family right now, including mine.

  5. joe cutietta

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you both, may God give you the strength to try and understand what is an thinkable loss. Your son is now in Heaven, and sits at the Right Hand of The Lord. God Bless you Both.

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