03/19/15 (Updated)

Jon Lester's Wife Farrah Johnson Lester

I'll be honest, we're going to miss Jon Lester's Wife Farrah Johnson Lester (formerly Farrah Stone Johnson).

Jon Lester and wife Farrah Lester became regulars in the Boston landscape, frequently involved in charitable endeavors, and hosting their own events for Jon's NVRQT Foundation. With the Lester clan being dealt to Oakland, we'll miss the entire family as much as the playoff bulldog ace of the staff.

Jon and Farrah Lester were married on January 09, 2009. Jon Lester met his wife  in Greenville, SC while he was making minor league rehab starts the spring following cancer treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Jon and Farrah have two sons, Hudson Lester, who was born mid-2010, and Walker Lester, who was born on September 28, 2013. Walker Lester was born the night of a Friday afternoon game in which Lester pitched, and dominated, in a 12-2 Red Sox victory.

Farrah enjoys deer hunting with Jon, who helped her shoot her first deer in late 2007. Total package there.

Sox fans are holding out hope for Lester's return to Boston in free agency this offseason. Hey, did you guys hear that the Lester's haven't turned off the cable to their Boston area house? There's a glimmer of hope yet.......

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6 Responses to “Jon Lester's Wife Farrah Johnson Lester”

  1. Austin

    They met in Greenville, SC... not Greenesville.

    (I live there)

  2. Tom Cotton

    watching Braves vs Red Sox, Braves announcer mentioned he lives in Sharpsburg, Ga. How did they come to settle there?

  3. Cindy

    He seems like such a nice man and she seems like a very nice woman. They make a beautiful couple too.

  4. jackie

    The fact that they are proud of shooting deer makes them sc.. bags IMO. Losers.

  5. Tim Dionne

    So many people get caught up as fans for a particular team we sometimes forget that these athletes are people, just like us!I am a Red Sox fan thru and thru,but I'M also a "John Lester fan"! God Bless You, John, and family, and good luck to John in the rest of his MLB career! IM rooting for him, unless he is pitching against my Red Sox! Sincerely, Tim Dionne one of 8 sons of late CHARLES AND ELLEN DIONNE! GOD BLESS THEIR SOULS!!!

  6. Steve

    Welcome to Chicago! I think you will enjoy it, just not between December and February. I'm one of the ones who sat in front of you at Wrigley for opening day. We enjoyed meeting you and hope you and your family find chicago a great place to live. Don't forget to try Chicago pizza and oven grinder. It's at 2121 N Clark st. I don't own it or anything. Just good food. Let your husband know that every Cub fan is extremely happy he chose the Cubs! Good luck