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Jed Lowrie's wife Milessa Muchmore



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Jed Lowrie's wife Milessa Muchmore has probably the coolest name in baseball. Despite being married to a baseball player (which pretty much gives her the ability to do nothing with her life, if she so chose), she's also incredibly accomplished in life. In between pole vaulting and "hanging out," with Jed at Stanford, Milessa earned a double major in Spanish and International Relations. She later went on to earn double Master's degrees in International Relations and Public Affairs.

Jed and Milessa met while attending Stanford together, and began dating shortly after undergrad (though Milessa graduated, Lowrie left early with big league aspirations, though is close to obtaining his degree in Political Science). Milessa was a pole vaulter on the track and field team, while Jed shockingly played baseball. The two are scheduled to be married November 12, 2011, a couple weeks after the Sox win their 3rd World Series in 8 years. Mark it.

She currently works for the US State Department in a role requiring her to live a nomadic lifestyle traveling across the globe and spending short assignments in various locations. She is currently in Toronto, and is expected to be given a new location shortly after their marriage. The two expect it to be an assignment to Central or South America based on Milessa's fluency in Spanish.

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  1. amber macalmon

    i love jed!!!! in april 28, 2012 me and my school are going to see the astros and the brewers p.s. they suck any ways you should say hi to me!! :) your wife is pretty hope u get this!!!

    <3 amber maccalmon

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