10/31/13 (Updated)

Bartolo Colon's wife Rosanna Colon

I have a soft spot for the man with many soft spots (hey, I could drop another 30 pounds too, I'm allowed to make fat jokes).

Bartolo Colon is one of those guys that just defies all logic. The guy that was a perennial Cy Young contender during his days in Montreal and Cleveland all but ate his way out of baseball. Through a myriad of quick stops across the American League which were met with injury and inconsistencies, most people wrote Bartolo off as dead in the water. However, the big man has rebounded in Oakland and is putting up numbers that rival his best days (though Biogensis may have had something to do with this career resurgence). While most fans, and fantasy players wrote Colon off as dead, there was always one who didn't: Bartolo Colon's wife Rosanna Colon.

Truthfully, we admit to not knowing a ton about Rosanna Colon. We do know that the couple has three sons, Bartolo, Emilion & Wilder and live in either Baldwin, New York or Clifton, New Jersey. One might infer they landed there during his stint with the Yankees, but that much remains unclear. We may learn more about the private life and married life of He Who is Big & Fat (trademark Matthew Berry) once Biogenesis punishments come down, and when we do - you'll hear more about it here.

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2 Responses to “Bartolo Colon's wife Rosanna Colon”

  1. Raider rob

    Bartolo is the man! Like you didn't already know that! Jajaja! He should have alot more time on the mound then he does and all of us in Oakland pray he stays another year! Thank you bartolo!

  2. lee friedman

    I don't see a picture