03/19/15 (Updated)

Masahiro Tanaka's wife Mai Satoda

When we first set out to do a post on Masahiro Tanaka's wife Mai Satoda, we were admittedly concerned. Admittedly our best efforts to find information on the wives of international stars has presented challenging with often times limited results. Fortunately, when the newest member of Major League baseball happens to be married to a Japanese pop star, our job became infinitely easier.
Masahiro Tanaka's wife Mai Satoda is a former member of Japanese groups Country Musume and Hello! Project(think Japanese Spice Girls), who has also dabbled in a few solo releases. Satoda, age 29, was discovered at the age of 16 in the year 2000. While she last released a single in 2011, she'd been a regular on the Japanese pop charts, with dozens of singles released over the 11 years whether via group or solo effort.

Now, unfortunately for Satoda, a decade in the music industry wasn't quite enough to put her in the national lexicon. Satoda became a regular on a trivia show, "Quiz! Hexagon." According to a New York Daily News article, Satoda became an immediate fan favorite by providing very, very wrong answers to the general knowledge questions. While some may think the world was laughing at Satoda, an unnamed Japanese TV reported described it to the Daily News differently:

“When she joined ‘Quiz! Hexagon,’ then she became very famous. She would always give the wrong answer, and in Japan, the audience likes that. It’s a little cute and funny. [She] was not looked down upon. She became fairly popular. It wasn’t like Paris Hilton. She was well-liked for being ditzy.”

There were whispers throughout the posting process which led insiders to believe that Satoda was pushing Tanaka to sign with the Dodgers to pursue a Hollywood life.  However, with plenty of exposure in the Bronx, a well known media career shouldn't be a challenge.  Tanaka and Satoda leave as one of the most famous individual player & wife combinations in Japan; a quick start in the Bronx should help rekindle that status with relative ease.

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4 Responses to “Masahiro Tanaka's wife Mai Satoda”

  1. juan

    Welcome to New York thanks for choose the best team in MLB New York Yankees fans the best on the world. ....

  2. Russell Anthony Iadanza

    Dear Mai

    THANK YOU for not stopping Masahiro signing with the Yankees. We needed him desperately
    and as a Ex New Yorker 35 yrs NYC 30 Years Santa barbara CA.85 miles from LA Beautiful
    but There is NO Other City in the World like New York.
    You will be Idalised because WE Understand in NYC behind every Successful man There is a Women."

    I have been collecting Japanese Watches Before you were Born, I belong to a japanese watch Forum "Seiko"
    and am so PROUD we as a Country we will be blessed by the Quality of Character shinning from both you and Masahiro.
    MY Wish would be that you feel Conmfterable enough in NY to Start a Family

    I am a 6'2 200 lb Italian American and will be waiting to BUY my Tanaka Yankee Shirt as soon
    as a Number is given to Masahiro or he picks his #.

    I would be HONORED if ever to have a Picture of you Both Signed by Both a DREAM.

    The Yankees will treat you FIEST CLASS in all affairs with Respect and Warmth Good Luck
    with all of your Future Happiness.

  3. RadioKid

    Mai is also famous for her recipes for Masahiro. She started learning cooking after married with Masahiro and published her own recipes.


    After married with Masahiro, Mai has been regarded as a clever wife not as "wrong answer Mai" because of managing Masahiro's health.

  4. lycopene

    "Pop-star" isn't really an accurate description of Mai Satoda, at least not what she has been ever since she's married.

    She's not at all interested in leading a glamorous life. She's very homely, she's all about supporting her husband. Her biggest concern is cooking for Masahiro.