Mark Teixeira’s wife Leigh Teixeira


  1. Sierra Washington

    Does anybody else think that Mark Teixeira is hot, even though he’s married already and plus he’s happy? well, I do. I know, I’m only 15 years of age, but he’s still hot. I just think hes hot I’m not gonna marry him. And does anyone know how to make Microwave mac and cheese?

  2. Amber Tiffany

    I think Teix is more tha just HOT! It’s the most handsome a hottest guy in this world! He always be hot!! Well I dream with him, and I don’t care he’s married!
    I LOVE A LOT HIM! IN THE WAY THAT HE WANT! Wherever his wife it’s nice so, maybe he’s happy! I hope! He needs the better of these world!

  3. Shawn

    I have to go with Mike D. on the line-up and as you suggest G.I.Joe does not have the brass to move A Rod so the point is moot.Cano is the guy I thughot was lazy and might never fulfill his enormous potential.Am I ever happy to be wrong on that count.MVP ? I could not agree more on your acessment Jim.Again ..Cano is as good at second as he wants to be.Arm,glove,coverage !!!!The intentional walk to Tex on Sunday had me yelling with no one home. What is this guy nuts ? First pitch ..bang .zoom ..

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