The world is right again: Alex Rodriguez’s EX-girlfriend Kate Hudson (F-You still anyways A-Rod)


  1. pete

    pathetic jealousy, so she’s had 9 guys in her life.

    Shoot I’m 33 and have had that many women just in the past 2 years..I wont call them relationships, but you catch my drift. Let’s not be hypocrites here. A woman can date whoever she wants just like we can.

  2. lucia

    very badly by you. alex Rodriguez has demonstrated to be always the best one of the baseball players ever. your simply are a jealous one, than it is, which represents and has. badly by you!!!

  3. WayOuttaHere

    You’re a jealous little bitch of another man. You’re either closet gay or spineless. I’m guessing gay the way you said ‘get turned on by staring at himself & hit it w/ k.h.’
    If you were a regular you would have said how lucky he was to fuck that fine ass.

  4. thinds

    Dear WayOuttaHere:

    If you want to call me gay for watching Wife Swap, then that’s cool. If you want to call me gay for having 2 Lady Gaga songs on my iPhone, then I get it. But calling me gay for calling ARod out for being a general douchebag? Hmm, I guess I’m mising the connection there. (also, halfwit, the comment about turning himself on when looking in the mirror is a direct shot at a photo shoot he did where he looked thoroughly aroused while staring at just himself in the mirror. Congratulations on your grasp of general pop culture.)

    Seriously, we’ve had some dumb people on this site before but you take the cake. Congratulations for getting it. By it of course, I mean the overtly jealous tones, the disdain for the cheapest, dirtiest motherfucker in the league, and the overall tongue-in-cheek tone of the post. In case you don’t know what any of the above means, and I’m guessing you don’t, it means that I was being satirically (joking) ornery (angry).

    Actually, since I have time, and I hate stupid self righteous fucks like you, I want to rattle off the congratulations I’m offering you:

    1. Congratulations for your general homophobia.
    1a. Congratulations for your finely tuned gaydar… OH NO! You caught me!
    2. Congratulations for your firm grasp of current pop culture references.
    3. Congratulations for being the dumbest motherfucker to ever look at this site (and we have people emailing us thinking we’re the actual wives on a semi-weekly basis, so that’s saying something)
    4. Congratulations for getting sarcasm.
    5. Congratulations for your firm grasp of the english language.

    I guess that wraps it up. I’d keep going because I hate you, but I’ll call it a night. I have to go jerk off to pictures of A-Rod…. err.. uhh,… I mean bang hot chicks.

    Thanks for stopping by sweetie, and go fuck yourself.


  5. Bri

    Lmao i have 2 agree with the whole a rod thing! Hes definetly a bitch! He needs 2 get fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Joe

    My girlfriend is hotter than Kate “Lady Goodman” Hudson. Of all things for which to be jealous of Alex Rodriguez, Lady Goodman is not one of them.

  7. metaphorical

    What kind of loser would celebrate the breakup of a couple? You should go play in the street — preferably in traffic.

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