Jorge Posada’s wife Laura Posada


  1. Keisha

    Not only is she beautiful talented, smart and positive but this lady is classy. Thank you for raising the awareness of craniosytosis

  2. EKC

    Laura Posada will be a guest on “That Morning Show” this WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21, to discuss her relationship with Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, her new book and reality show.

    Catch Salling’s interview on “That Morning Show” from 6AM – 9AM on E! Entertainment network!

  3. jon

    Most models are gold diggers. they got the looks and that’s what guys go for. they don’t care about personality ( well to a degree) and if they get along somewhat, then its a go.

    men want looks and woman want moula….

    jut like the old saying “no money no honey”

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