Johnny Damon’s wife Michelle Damon


  1. Miranda Beyer

    I have a friend who works for the YES network and she told me that the very 1st day Johnny signed with the Yankees….Michelle was offered the same gig as before with nesn but they both declined it because they felt it was too soon and too much to begin on a new team. Espec because they were planning to get pregnant…as they did! Right away…Also, Michelle didn’t fight with shonda….juliana ramirez started it. Michelle just finished it!

  2. RA

    That’s a bunch of bull, above. Michelle MANGAn wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to smear her face against the tv screen, who the heck is that, her mother? Or probably HER. ^^

    NO talent. No one offered her ANYTHING. All bull.

  3. Rick Shute

    I had only one experience with Ms. Damon and it was during a chrity event at Tesoro in Port St Lucie Florida in 2008. As much of a gentleman as John is ,you could not compare it to the way his wife Michelle carries herself with grace and much class. As I said, this was my only experience and was for a few hours but I found both of them to be personable,polite,humble, and extremely classy. On a scale of 1-10 in the class department I rate Ms Damon a solid 12. More celebrity wives could take a lesson from her

  4. sal s

    I work for Michelle in Houston in a Modeling Agency .
    She was my mentor, and friend. She was never a stripper or had any questionable activity. She is a professional.
    She is driven and successful.
    I attended several club opening and open-calls, She was and is a lady.

  5. Donald

    I met Johnny and his hot wife last night in Baltimore. The tigers were playing the orioles and after the game they were at the renaissance hotel. We were there for a wedding and Johnny and his wife were partying at the hotel bar. She is hot, highly promiscuous, and looked naughty. Leyland was wasted and flirting w/ her, after about 2 minutes, Johnny immediately took her up to their room to smush.

  6. From Florida

    Johnny Damon’s wife is a drunk and has as much class as the rock she climbed out from before Johnny married her!! She hits on all of the Rays players and Coaches and wears nothing when she does it! It’s obvious that she married Johnny for who he was and his money, but she makes a spectacle of herself here in Florida and we do not like her here!!!!!!!!!!! She gets smashed on all of the Rays trips and Johnny has to carry her to the room. SCUM!!!!!!!!!

  7. furniture guy

    I sold furniture to Johnny for their house in Windermere before they were married. He showed me pics of her riding a mechanical bull with very little on (as far as clothing). She, and he, were both very nice but she looked like the typical “cleat chaser” what we call all the implant girls that hang out at spring training venues trying to score a “contract.”

  8. joelle

    Michelle is easily the coolest, nicest, most fun wife in all of baseball. I have had the pleasure of meeting her, and partying with her on several occasions she has a warm and hilarious personality, she has a big heart and is simply good times. She dresses how she feels good, she loves Johnny and they’re adorable together. My favorite quote, I walk into the bar they’re at already knowing them and a friend of mine who does not know that I know her comes up to me and says “You gotta see this Johnny Damon is on the dance floor making out with some road meat.” I looked over to the dance floor and saw the two love birds making out like teenagers on the dance floor after years of marriage seeing that is so beautiful. I needed to inform my friend that, the kissing partner of Damon was not some road meat but he’s wife Michelle.

  9. Jason S

    I just so happen, also worked for Michelle and Sal in Houston. Michelle was always polite, curteous and respectable around us. I remember her dating Damon back then, and it was before he was famous, with the Yankees, etc.

    To my knowledge they are both kind hearted people, respectable and love each other. Who cares if they like to go out looking good…good looking people just do…

  10. Michelle's X

    Whether you believe it or not, I dated Michelle in 2000 when we both lived in Jacksonville, FL. She was never a stripper, although I can understand why people thought that. I remember her 1st and 2nd set of implants and many other details about her. She was always cool to hang out with and fun to be around. I also remember when she and Johnny started dating but I really thought he was still married at the time, she was living in Houston at that time. She’s a good girl and I’m happy to see her and Johnny together.

  11. Michael Creson

    Hey Michelle …it’s been along to I don’t think I have seen you since high school . I got on Susan’s face book and found out you was married to Johnny Damon . Just thought that was pretty cool .

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