Ichiro’s wife Yumiko Fukushima


  1. goo

    Seeing as how Ichiro is just about the coolest dude on the planet, I have to think his wife must be pretty awesome too.

  2. Dennis

    ichiro suzuki is without a doubt the greatest major league hitter of all time.most hits ever in a ten year period than all the greatest players ever to play this game.he is a true proffesional humble man that will enter the hall of fame when his career is over.god bless yumiko and ichiro

  3. chokolate

    Hey Ichiro im glad that you are playing for the Yankees , ever since you arrive from
    Japan you’ve been my favorite player. I love your dedication and your preparation
    i think you still have something left in you to have a good year given the opportunity. Good luck Ichiro you are the best and classiest.

  4. Eric s

    Oh yes. Ichiro is amazing..
    In the batters box?? It’s magic. He can hit pitches that u can’t even see and then he’s on first base every time. Ever seen him hit into a dbl play? No not likely.
    But what about all that style?? He has this fantastic flare to everything he does. Always one of my favorites”

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