CC Sabathia’s wife Amber Sabathia


  1. Mike

    I don’t care about sports etc, but any black athlete with a black woman always gets my silent support, not that they need it to begin with. But its good to see black athletes who aren’t a victim of this madness.

  2. Nathan

    Gee, all that seems important to me is that C.C., his lovely wife Amber and their beautiful children are happy and, seemingly, functional. Don’t know that race would have mattered to them.

    Too bad that this: happy, family-man, sports star/story can’t stay just that!

  3. think first

    Big Red & Nathan-

    Instead of the knee jerk reaction, try using your brain folks=take a look at the significant others of the Black athletes in NBA, NFL and MLB. An incredibly large percentage of them marry biracial women, White women, Latinas, etc. That’s a reflection of the situation in the African American community, which stems from the dominant White culture, that the closer a woman is to being “white”, the more attractive she is. If you just did some simple research, instead of jumping on something you don’t understand, that would be beneficial.
    Also, even the Black men in position of power that do marry Black women, tend to only be interested in those that are of a light skintone. Rarely do you see a Black man in sports marry a dark skinned Black woman, that is the ‘madness’ Mike referred to. It’s a madness of valuing everything you aren’t.

    To make an example you would understand-wouldn’t it seems strange to you if, say 70% of Hockey wives were Black? LOL, anyone who says they wouldn’t notice is lieing. Its not that you would be against it, just that it would be a telling situation. And btw-Im not against interracial relationships, it’s just that there are some special issues when one lives in a society where their skin color has historically been known as a detriment.

  4. Jay Smtih

    think first –

    The reason athletes marry white or light skinned blacks is because no one wants to be married to someone who looks like a fat ape.

  5. MHP_RN

    (@ Smith and think first)

    Hmm, what website are you guys looking at? because the majority of the black players on here have black, light-skinned black (uhh which is still black), bi-racial or Hispanic wives, some have Caucasian wives but most of those are the biracial players who probably grew up with the love of a white mother, makes sense that white women would be attractive to them.

    Who cares anyway, and by the way Smith I’m sure black woman don’t find you attractive either, In general, black women aren’t super attracted to white men so we really don’t care what you think about the way we look, just another juvenile unintelligent racist comment, the internet is full of them, so boring.

  6. Lhndez

    It was an honor to had work with Securitas Security Services in the NY Yankees Stadium, but it was more of an honor to work with the Bombers wives, in particular with Amber Sabathian, whom I had met by refusing to give her entry to the suites with out her pass, it a few days we became great friends, which month later I had the honor of keeping security for her baby shower as well as the other players wives. It was a very interesting day as I had another incident with another famous character. Jay-Z, whom at the time I wasn’t aware of him being one of the most famous rapper, but then again he was out of line, but that’s another story, the fact that order was kept made it enjoyable for the players wives to have their baby shower. Thank you Amber Sabathian for giving me the honor of serving you and the rest of the girls. NY Yankees 4 Life.

  7. Donna

    Amber is a kind compassionate beautiful woman who gives back along with her husband. It is evident through many events where she takes a personal interest e.g. “make a wish foundation”.

  8. R.tatum

    I have never met CC’s Wife but I have met his mother and his Aunt. He comes from quality people and I will always be on his side nomatter what he does is life. He is one of the most caring people and I based that on his family being grounded. Good luck CC and Amber May God Continue to bless you and your family.

  9. #1yankeefan

    To all you racist @ss holes!!!!!! I don’t understand what’s the big deal with what race she is ?? I would think by now it doesn’t matter what race you marry or choose to date. People always make a big deal about race & religion but it doesn’t matter if you are happy it doesn’t mean shit what anyone else thinks. So stop being racist and mind your own business .

  10. Gina

    I’m a life long Yankee fan and I aboslutely adore C.C. and his wife Amber. They are such role models. Teenage sweethearts who have stuck it out and had 4 beautiful childrem. C.C. knows who loves him and I applaude him for not trading Amber in for some gold digging, bimbo, playboy model with breast implants and lip injections….

  11. Graham

    All I want to say is: Well done, MHP. You said everything I wanted to say, and said it better than I would have done.

  12. Beach Bum

    jay – eat a d!ck you inbred b!tch.

    mhp – you missed the point. Black male athletes seem to marry outside their race far more frequently than any other race of athlete. Mike was merely saluting CC for marrying a woman of his race (just like Drew Brees, the Mannings, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, etc., etc.). I’m struck by the high incidence of interracial marriage among Black athletes – it seems far more prevalent than among the ‘regular’ population.

  13. Angie

    Miss Amber;

    I’m not sure the best way to contact you and your amazing family. As a native of Colorado I am a huge Colorado Rockies fan, but my husband is from Oklahoma and therefore a fan of Mickey Mantle and I am a huge Colorado Rockies fan. And we are HUGE fans of your husband. We would love to donate in person to PitCCh In. We will be in NY at Rockies vs. Yankees games! in July. Is there any way to make a donation personally? We will donate to your fantastic cause in any case,

    Angie Klein

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