Gary Carter’s Wife Sandy Carter


  1. Gretchen Roberts

    Dear Sandy Carter,

    I am a baseball fan. While I was on a short trip to Joplin, Missouri from Kansas City I chanced to see an interview on television with two of Gary Carter’s teammates. I knew nothng of Gary Carter until I watched that interview and I haven’t been able to put him out of my mind since. I have done internet research mostly and feel a loss as I know so many do of such a joyful spirit and the generous goodwill he seemed to bestow on others. May God grant you and your family all good comfort as you continue down the road of life and would that our Father would accept our thanks for a twinkle and smile from “the kid”.

  2. kevin lynch

    Sandy i grew up with gary on west avenue in the 60 those were great times i will alwaysrremember the days of sports baseball football and basketball in the alleymay god bless kevin

  3. Michael Finney

    Sorry to tell you but our beloved friend, Gary Najarian passed away with cancer on the evening of June 11th, 2013….May god be with him.

  4. Rick Pushor

    Dear Sandy,
    I am sincerely sorry for your loss. You and I both know he is where we will be when our time comes…at home with Jesus Christ. I pray for God’S blessing on your family and His abounding pease. May God bless you and your family and that He will give you strength and increased faith for that which we don’t understand. I have prayed for Gary and you through your all your trials. God gave His answer. Celebrate Gary’s life but even more celebrate his eternal pease and happiness in which you will some day be rejoined.

  5. Judy Mohr Smith

    Hi Sandy,

    You may not remember me, I knew you from SHHS Drill team. We were in the same squad (I think they were called that:) and marched next to each other, and as I recall, we also worked at Coco’s #4 together? I’ve thought about you over the years, but didn’t follow Gary’s career. I just knew he was an excellent baseball player and played for Montreal. I’m so glad to also hear that you and he had a wonderful life together, albeit not long enough. I admit I was skeptical that things would last with the fame that goes along with his career, and am happy to know I was 180 degrees in the wrong!

    Much love to you and your family,

  6. Patrick McAuliffe

    Just another fan Gary Carter…..I always told my sons and others when I coached little league….Gary Carter would have played for free…. he was the type of professional athlete you want your kids to emulate…. not just in sports but in life…. always be my favorite

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