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David Wright's girlfriend Molly Beers



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UPDATE 01/20/2013: Looks like we were on to something back in December, as we've now learned that David Wright is now engaged to Molly Beers. The New York Post is reporting that the couple got engaged over the Holidays, but have revealed no further wedding plans or dates. As much speculation, as many rumors and as much craziness as this post has exalted over the years, it's clear that this couple is still going strong and taking the next step. Congrats to David and Molly.

UPDATE 12/07/2012: So it appears we slipped up a little on the David Wright/Molly Beers post. Yes at one time the couple did take a break but they are definitely back together and we failed to pick up on that. How exactly do we know they are back together? At his press conference during the Winter Meetings in Nashville to announce his massive, 8-year, $138 million contract to stay a Met for (most of) life, David had some of his family by his side for the big announcement. To the side of the podium we saw his father, mother and the return of Molly Beers. You don't bring a girl like Molly to a press conference this big if you aren't dating.

That brings us to our next piece of speculation. If the couple has been together since at least 2008, even if off and on, can an engagement be all that far off? Bank on this, pure speculation but I'm willing to go out on a limb here and say David and Molly will get engaged in 2013. When it happens, we'll be on it...

UPDATE 07/10/2010: A number of readers have emailed in declaring that Wright and Beers are no longer together. We will say that this post has been the target of an assault from crazy commenters and individuals emailing into the site (and many come from the same person under different aliases,.... hmmmmmmmm). File this one under questionable, but we have gotten word that the couple has called it quits.

David Wright owns New York City,... well as much as any member of the Mets possibly could. Because of status in the biggest city in America, it should come as no surprise that David Wright's girlfriend Molly Beers, is a model. Beers is a model with the Ford agency in New York City. She has appeared in JC Penney advertisements.

We've seen a number of reports on the length of the relationship, but most seem to agree that the couple met at the 2006 World Baseball Classic. The couple stayed together for a few years, as photographic evidence shows Molly throwing David a surprise birthday party in 2008.

Following the surprise birthday party, the local media reacted with surprise that Beers and Wright were still seemingly together. There were semi-persistent rumors at that time that Wright was involved in a relationship with NYC anchor woman Diana Russini. When Wright's publicist was asked about the Wright's many rumored relationships, they laughed it off with this quote to the New York Post: "David enjoys New York and all it has to offer."

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