Jose Fernandez’s girlfriend Maria Arias


  1. Martha Huff

    This very hard to grasp that Jose is gone, I loved seeing that great smile. My prayers are with his family and to all the Marlins because they showed how much how they loved Jose..His life will live on because he made such impact on people..

  2. Jesse

    Unreal low life pieces of shits to be posting this at a time like this. We should remember a young man who appeard to love life.

  3. Lily TUTTLE

    Carla, I just want to say how sorry we are to hear this news. We prayed for you tonight, and for your baby, that God would protect you and comfort you. We would like to help you in any way that you need. Not sure how to make that happen but if someone sees comment who knows of a way we could be of help or comfort, please reply to this comment and let us know. With love, Lily and Jim Tuttle

  4. La

    His current girlfriend was not Carla. That’s his ex who is currently in another relationship. The pregnant girlfriend is Maria.

  5. Sasha

    Carla Mendoza isn’t the one who is pregnant with his child – they broke up months ago. Maria Arias was his girlfriend, and she is the one who is pregnant

  6. Josie Montez

    This is such a tragic heart aches for his mother and grandmother, whom he adored so prayers are with you all during this difficult time..?

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