Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s wife Ashley Saltalamacchia


  1. sd

    Uhh 2004, don’t think so. She was definetely messing with him when he was still in hs and had a gf. She’s a gross money grubbing ho. He obviously didn’t plan that out well. She’s gonna be looking pretty bad to him when he’s 30 and she’s 44. Eww

  2. issy

    I went to school with Salty and Ms. Ashley was a great gym teacher, all you had to do was dress out for the day and walk around the court if you didnt wanna play basketball or whatever sport we were supposed to play that day. Who gives a DAMN when they started messing around?! HS or not, they OBVIOUSLY love each other and have 3 beautiful children. Ms. Ashley was not a “ho” or a bad person, she fell in love. Who are we to judge? We all have our own skeletons. Hers just happened to become a pro baseball player! lol She was hot then, shes hot now, and money can buy a whole lot of rejuvenation. I’m sure at 44 she’ll look better than most at 23. IJS :)


    Messing around in high school? try middle school. She switched schools with salt in order to keep the affair going. They were together all throughout high school as well.

  4. AM

    Yes middle school is right, she had the hots for him then and followed him to HS. She was married too. She’s a psycho, poor kid never with know a real relationship, he was brought up and fell in love with a child molester. Everyone knew it. If she was a man she would have went to jail…

  5. Not Ashley

    Wow. I am 52 years old and look younger than she does. Also, as the mother of children Salty’s age – I would have had “Ms. Ashley” arrested if half of what is said here is true.

  6. candace

    They lived together when Salty was in high school. They started dating when he was in middle school. She had a “miscarriage” before he graduated. A writer at the Palm Beach Post was getting ready to publish a story about them but the sports department shut it down. They thought it would be a better story having a local kid turn pro without the teacher gone wild story.

  7. Anon

    I hung out with Jared a lot in HS and graduated with him in ’03. We called him three seconds as he had issues with his stamina if you catch my drift. Even before his relationship ended with the girl who helped coin the 3 seconds nickname he was screwing Ms.Patrick and everyone knew it. Ms patrick always wigged me out as every time I saw her she knew I knew what was up and she looked at me with some serious scorn. Well, I’m not one to judge as long as your happy, that’s all that matters. Hell. at least he wasn’t screwing Mrs.Witkowski. Also, Jared was definitely not screwing ms.Patrick in middle school.

  8. Cindy

    Man, I wish I were his gym teacher. Actually if I WERE his gym teacher, I’d probably never be teaching. I’m quite a few years older too. He can come right over when Ashley’s not in the mood. I’ll be waiting.

  9. Cindy

    We all know that teenage boys are always horny. If she came onto him, don’t you think he’s be right into her? Apparently her home sex life was seriously lacking so a sex starved married woman and a teenage stud with a hard-on…the heat would definitely be on there.

  10. cb

    If I were saltys mom I would have beaten the crap out of that ho ….. a real woman would have gone after a real man instead if a boy. But then she couldn’t control or hold on to a real man. She is nothing but a perv. A man would have been arrested and lost his job. Should have happened to her.

  11. carmenza

    They love each other, beside who care.
    When a old men married a younger woman NOBODY care.
    Anyway Jarrod is happy, and married is better, this way Jarrod is out of trouble.
    His family is very happy with this couple, I married with a younger guy and he already have sex problem, that ming the age is a number.
    I love that couple, most of the people here are very unhappy and they don’t have life,

  12. Jen

    Look people–they are consenting adults. Leave them alone. They have three children, who are only going to be hurt by these comments.

  13. Pam

    You are one lucky woman, a great home run hit tonight! Take care and enjoy your family, comments here are beyond ridiculous, bravo to a great first game with Peavey,awesome teamwork!

  14. Anonymous

    Sorry if they met now no big deal . But middle or high school not good . She’s a mother just wait . It all comes back and bites u

  15. Andie Salas

    Hey men do it all the time! Wtf! My hubby is 18 yrs younger than I am and we have a great marriage! No one has a say in any relationship but their own! As long as,they love and respect each other then that’s all that matters and all you haters can go back to your sad lives and just keep on being jealous! Buhbye!

  16. Karen Hinkle

    I think sometimes in this life we come across somebody that is so special and unique that we never saw coming our way!! If he loves her then that is where he belongs!! ;*)

  17. EoDS

    Yeah… I’m not too worried about the age difference, but she WAS married with kids when they met. So there’s that…

  18. FLA

    They were absolutely not having a relationship in Middle School and She did not have children with her first marriage. Her name was Ashley Perry and when she got married changed to Patrick.

    I have known Jarrod forever and if it were a fluke relationship they would not be together now. As many chances as he has to be with any other girl in the world, c’mon.
    They obviously have a bond and I think people should just let it go.
    Yes, she was a teacher at our High School and Middle School, but weirder and must worse things happened at those places.
    Not confirming anything, but they are both adults with 3 beautiful daughters.
    He has had some ups and downs with baseball and his relationship early on, but has settled in where he belongs and has a very bright future in the MLB. Leave his family alone and get over it. At least they are happy.

  19. Jay

    Just watched Inside The Marlins: Coming Home

    Salty shows some movies posters and he says the Fast and Furious poster is becausss it was the first movie he and his wife went to. Umm that came out in 2001. Yikes.

  20. wendy

    Ashley is very smart money and lot of children’s. she never need to worry again .
    I know her from Belle Glade, she always dreaming to be rich

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