07/14/14 (Updated)

Yasiel Puig's girlfriend (?) Nicole Chaves

Everyone wants to know about Yasiel Puig's girlfriend Nicole Chaves. The sports world is buzzing with Cuban sensation Yasiel Puig's electric debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers. And after four plus years of running this site, we've learned one thing: when the sports world buzzes about an athlete, the internet goes buzzing looking for his girlfriend.

After some research, one one tip to our inbox, we think we've narrowed things down. While there is officially zero confirmation on this fact, the best information available seems to point to the most recent version of Yasiel Puig's girlfriend as Nicole Chaves. Nicole Chaves is the daughter of Dodgers minor league pitching coordinator, Rafael Chaves and is rumored to have been dating Puig as recently as spring training of 2013, at which point it was confirmed that Puig did have a girlfriend with him at Dodgers camp in Arizona. There were also rumors floated that the couple was expecting a child together, but no confirmation to that point. Most of what we've found seems to indicate that the couple has split (or frankly never was together), which would make sense considering Puig headed off to AA Chattanooga, and Chaves attends Arizona State University.

Again, there is no confirmation that the two are currently, or ever were dating. However, as Puig's stock and star continue to rise, I'm sure there will be more information to come out. Keep it here for more as it comes.

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16 Responses to “Yasiel Puig's girlfriend (?) Nicole Chaves”

  1. D.

    Yes they are having a baby and she was with him in chattanooga but had complications with her pregnancy and head home to take care of it with her family since he's always on the road and she was left alone. she was even here in LA.

  2. D.

    Don't believe me look them up on Facebook they pics togheter and of the baby

  3. scott allen

    yasiel and nicole were in south bay baseball cards inc of lomita ca on march 30th 2013 for his 1st ever public signing in los angeles during the freeway series. two of the nicest people we have ever met. both professional, genuine and the signing went as smooth as can be. they took pictures, laughed and enjoyed. what a perfect introduction to los angeles. sbaycards.com for yasiel puig and dodger items. youtube sbaycards to view the signing info of his 1st rookie signing

  4. Dan Smith

    Somebody should write a story about the couple. Trust me.

  5. xxx


  6. xox


  7. beastmode

    Its good to see that alot of these guys arent just dating girls who just look good

  8. Luis R'.

    What do you mean? She's very nice looking

  9. Peterdodgers

    Guys a beast but he's got a new chick n he has this girl pregnant wtf. Sorry puig but that's really low btw think both chicks are smoking hot

  10. Anonymous

    Yes he will be a father soon. The greatest blessing to our family. Nikki is my niece. A beauty!

  11. Rebecca

    Yes he will be a father soon. The greatest blessing to our family. Nikki is my niece. A beauty!

  12. Becky

    Yes Nicole is pregnant if you go on Facebook and look up her mother u can see pictures and they are currently dating

  13. Anonymous

    We know the truth that Yasiel is not with Nicole any longer and that he is dating and engaged to the cutie pie Krystin Wills. They have been seen together all around LA and have tons of pictures together online. Some have been taken down but some still exist online. I have been told that she is Cuban and something else, I am Yasiel's sisters friend.

  14. Anonymous

    Her uncle is Dodger great, Maury Wills.

  15. Saeedah

    Yasiel is marrying Krystin Wills before March, they have marriage license. I saw it.

  16. Mlblover

    Nicole and yasiel were spotted at spring training with the baby boy