Trea Turner’s wife Kristen Harabedian


  1. Trisha Andrews

    You nosy assholes at! There you go again, snooping on the bitches, hussies, skanks, sluts, hos and horny broads (RIP, Jimmy Piersall) who stole the hearts of our gorgeous men of the MLB. Bryce Harper has a lovely wife, Nick Swisher has a lovely wife, Kris Bryant has a lovely wife with a nose that looks like Jimmy Durante’s, Jake Arrieta has a lovely wife. Every single MLB player has a special woman to go home to after the game and after the season to kiss, have sex and make babies to be born the following summer. Go on and find some sensible hobby other than getting the scoop on the lovely girls behind the boys of summer and other professional sports!!!!!


    Trisha Denise Andrews Harper (in fantasy world, that is)

  2. greg

    trisha, it seems to me playerwives helps you to do your own snooping. maybe you’re also a nosy asshole. but i’m sure you’ve got some “sensible” hobbies too right?

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