Manny Ramirez’s wife Juliana Ramirez


  1. thinds

    According to Manny it was Ballys… but let’s be honest here… there’s no way he actually remembers.

  2. felix

    hi.i dont understan i dont understand i dont get it.why why is a beautiful girl like you marry with an ugly black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the pretty girls like ugly guys.i dont get it.IS IT BECAUSE OF THE MONEY.please maybe it is,because dont tell me he is is cute.wats wrong with girls on this days serious

  3. Raybowski

    Felix should take his illiterate ass back to school. Why doesn’t it surprise me that a loser like you has had pussy since pussy had you. Your not even smart enough to keep you cock holster shut on the internet, I can just imagine sorry as sitting at home alone jerking your lil pecker wondering what a warm wet pussy feels like. Maybe not, you might be gay

  4. Jose

    Lmao at comments directed toward Felix. Felix has been inside a woman 2 times. While his mom was preggo, and he once climbed the stairs in the Statue of Liberty….

  5. DJ Pullout

    lol. This thread is amazing. ALso….Manny is one sexy bitch. Dont you dare say otherwise. Hell… Id bang him for the money too.

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