Dave Roberts’ Wife Tricia Roberts


  1. Dennis Aplanalp

    Hello Tricia my name is Dennis Aplanalp. Your son Cole will be staying with our niece next summer. Whitney and Matt Harvey are lovely people and Cole will enjoy his stay. My wife and I grew up in Los Angeles and are life long Dodger fans now living in Maine . We would LOVE to see them play in Boston for game 6 or 7 if possible. We know it is a long shot but this
    may be our last chance to see a World Series game. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Pat and dawn smith

    Hey David, it’s Patrick Smith. 1987 grad from vista high. You graduated with my wife dawn Nelson . We are both dodger fans and was wondering why you don’t reverse the line up for game 3. Your best hitters are in the middle or end of line up. Let them hit first 4 and let ur powerhouse have a reason to get them in to home. I’m a soccer player 20+ years baseball 6 but I do know strategy. My wife said u we’re a good classmate. I was a senior when u we’re a freshman. Let’s go Dodgers.

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