09/24/14 (Updated)

Clayton Kershaw's wife Ellen Kershaw

UPDATE 06/19/2014: Clayton Kershaw's wife Ellen Kershaw sure seemed to enjoy her night at Dodgers Stadium Wednesday night, watching her husband twirl a no hitter and near perfect game.

The Dodgers broadcast, and ESPN SportsCenter highlights showed the proud Ellen Kershaw in the stands on a number of occasions while Clayton was one Hanley Ramirez throwing error away from perfection. Kershaw notched 15 strikeouts during his perfect game, while somehow throwing only 107 pitches proving that throwing strikes will usually pay off.

Clayton Kershaw's wife Ellen Kershaw (formerly Ellen Melson) is a graduate of Texas A&M with a degree in communications. She takes annual summer trips to Zambia as part of her association with a religious aid mission for "Camp Life." In an interview with MLB, Ellen explains why she's been to Zambia 5 times, with no plans on slowing down any time soon:
""The first time I hugged a Zambian orphan, it changed my life... This is something I can do while Clayton is pursuing his passion of baseball. On this trip, our passions will collide. This is his way of showing that he supports me. Every season, I come back and show him pictures of all these girls and he's curious why I keep going back. My hope is that we can combine our two passions and utilize these opportunities to make a difference."

Clayton and Ellen were married in December, 2010 in Houston, TX. They have been together since high school, and have no children together. Clayton is quick to call Ellen his high school sweetheart. The Kershaw's attended high school with Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford and other professional baseball players Jordan Walden and Shawn Tolleson.

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7 Responses to “Clayton Kershaw's wife Ellen Kershaw”

  1. Armida Hernandez

    Ellen, the work you do Zambia, is remarkable, I commend you & Clayton.

    Good luck to the both of you.

    I'm from Los Angeles, GO DODGERS

  2. Cheryl Carter-Shotts

    Dear Ellen, I have worked with African orphans since 1986 and have adopted two, special needs African orphans who are now healthy, educated and employed adults. Is there a way I can communicate with you privately by e-mail or snail mail?

    Peace, good food & clean water,
    Cheryl Carter-Shotts
    Americans for African Adoptions, Inc.

  3. Jack

    Keep up the great work!!!!!

  4. Lorenzo Ybarra

    Hi Ellen, First I am a die hard Dodger fan for life and big Clayton Kershaw fan. I just wanted to say that the work you and Clayton do in Africa is amazing those kids really need role models like you and Clayton.God has really blessed those lovable kids with the presence of the Kershaw family. I love the fact that you and Clayton are high school sweethearts also God bless you.

  5. Rev John Wood

    Clayton and Ellen,
    Sounds looks we have some passions in our hearts.
    Friends with Jesus, and Godly family. Compassion . . . Fred "who lives in Uganda.
    He has now completed his program and seeking a career as a motorcycle mechanic. Be we will be brothers for life. Now I want to being asking for a girl. My wife works on Staff in Fuller Seminary. I was in ministry a Jr. Pastor @ Rolling Hills for Covenant Church for 10 yrs. . . in Buffalo MN Then Pastor @ Rosemead 10 yrs.
    4 years ago I was diagnosed with aphasia a form of Dementia. Blessings to you an your family. And your work with Compassion.

  6. Bill Mansfield

    I been dodgers fan sinse 1956 I love those dodgers because my cousin was giant and my other cousin like the padres dream I also like angels dream love those cornhuskers

  7. Robin ford

    Dear Ellen you and Clayton are remarkable people. You bless the lives if so many children that wouldn't have anything , it's remarkable . I love the dodgers and I think your husband has a God given talent and a four leaf clover in finding you. I hope your life continues to be blessed. My husband and I would love to donate to your charity .