Carl Crawford’s girlfriend Evelyn Lozada


  1. Mercedes

    U did da rite thing girl leave and forget da past look at what’s in front of u. Keep it movin. Lots of luck to u and Carl.


    Evelyn is gold digger that need to stop looking for rich men to take care of her. I praying for Carl she’s going to do the same thing to him. Having a baby is not going to make you keep a man. Stop making your daughter look bad she’s twenty years old in college. You should be focus on her but you are so selfish you are only thinking about yourself.


    My family has been a huge fan of Carl Crawford since starting his career with the Rays! Also, I was a devout watcher of BB Miami when Evelyn was on there. Regardless, of her past relationships overall she is a gorgeous driven woman. No, a baby won’t keep CC around but don’t dawg her out before letting their relationship grow… Only 1 wish I have would be Crawford coming back to The Rays! Good luck to this relationship and to the new baby on board! Much love, stop hatin!

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