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Carl Crawford's girlfriend Evelyn Lozada

UPDATE 03/26/2014: Congratulations are in order to Carl Crawford's girlfriend Evelyn Lozada, who gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy over the weekend. While Carl's Dodgers traveled to the Outback to open the 2014 MLB season against the Diamondbacks, Carl stayed stateside to welcome his second son into the world.

Carl Leo Crawford was born on March 22 at 3:55am. Carl Leo was named 100% after his father, taking his first name, and the middle name driven from his father's astrological sign. Lozada's rep explained saying that Carl "wanted his son to have every aspect of him, including his birth sign."

If he get's 4 of his fathers 5 baseball tools, we'll be posting about Carl Crawford Jr. in 20 years or so.

UPDATE 12/26/2013: We said we'd keep an eye on these two as things progressed,... and boy have they progressed.
Carl Crawford and Evelyn Lozado were rumored to have been dating most of the summer. In November, the world found out that Lozado is pregnant with Crawford's child due just before Spring training (though he has two children from a prior relationship, including a young one born in July, 2013). And now, Crawford did the Christmas marriage move by dropping a $1.4 MILLION ring on her finger ($140M does drop a couple extra sheckles in the checking account I suppose). No word on when the couple will by officially marrying, but after tough relationships ending with Antoine Walker, and Chad Ochocinco, I can't imagine the 7 month pregnant Lozado is ready to race down the aisle.

Congrats to the couple on their whirlwind 2013, and best of luck in 2014.

Let me get this out of the way now - Boston screwed Carl Crawford. Dude played with an elbow needing Tommy John last year and was their best player, busting his ass for the month they put him out their. Yes, he had a tough 2011 campaign with the Sox, but we all deserved to see what he was capable of doing (which is what he's doing now in Los Angeles). It just always felt dirty to turn a guy busting his ass while fighting injuries into the poster boy for the overpaid, entitled, apathetic players that submarined the Sox 2012 season. Crawford did not deserve that distinction, and his time in Boston was marred with the lowest period of his professional career.

Maybe that's why this new rumor makes so much sense, that Carl Crawford's girlfriend is Evelyn Lozada. Yes, the same Evelyn Lozada who's marriage to former NFL wideout Chad Ochocinco lasted less time than the Kim Kardashian- Kris Humphries marriage. But let's think about it for a second. Both Crawford and Lozada are coming off what was likely the most difficult period of their lives - Crawford professionally, Lozada personally. Both desperately wanted a fresh start and a chance to prove that they could rebound from the lows they had recently experienced. I can imagine that a climb back to the top would be easier to trek through by experiencing it with the person you're dating.

Lozada and Crawford were rumored to have met up and possibly started dating in late April when the Dodgers were in New York to play the Mets. Sites HipHopHollywood, and TerezOwens seemed to have the scoop first, citing unquote, unnamed "close to the source," accounts and "eyewitnesses." There has been no confirmation from either party, or any pictures of them together. As unabashed Carl Crawford fans on this site, we'll keep a close eye on this one as it progresses.

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5 Responses to “Carl Crawford's girlfriend Evelyn Lozada”

  1. Mercedes

    U did da rite thing girl leave and forget da past look at what's in front of u. Keep it movin. Lots of luck to u and Carl.

  2. hildamcswine@ymail.com

    Evelyn is gold digger that need to stop looking for rich men to take care of her. I praying for Carl she's going to do the same thing to him. Having a baby is not going to make you keep a man. Stop making your daughter look bad she's twenty years old in college. You should be focus on her but you are so selfish you are only thinking about yourself.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm not praying for any of these people. Athletes are whores and so are the women they "date."

  4. Keshia

    Don't hate on her. She got dat ....if they like her n wife her...hey she does something others don't.


    My family has been a huge fan of Carl Crawford since starting his career with the Rays! Also, I was a devout watcher of BB Miami when Evelyn was on there. Regardless, of her past relationships overall she is a gorgeous driven woman. No, a baby won't keep CC around but don't dawg her out before letting their relationship grow... Only 1 wish I have would be Crawford coming back to The Rays! Good luck to this relationship and to the new baby on board! Much love, stop hatin!