Brian Dozier’s Wife Renee Dozier


  1. Kathryn Farrand

    I find your comments about the Dozier’s faith to be very offensive. You would not have dared say anything that rude if they were devout Muslims.

  2. Ron Howe

    We appreciated your article on former-Twins star Brian Dozier, and his wife Renee. The team’s abrupt dismissal of Brian–one of the top second-basemen home run hitters in baseball history (42 a couple of years ago); and with gold glove defensive credentials.

    When one factors in the couple’s strong faith and their commitment to the Twin Cities community projects one can only assume that someone, for whatever reason, simply let him go. As Yul Brynner’s lead character spoke in the classic Rodgers+Hammerstein’s Broadway production of The King and I… It-is-a PUZZLE-MENT! An apt analysis of this inexplicable player transaction!

    To the Doziers, we extend our thanks, and our sincere best wishes… Always!

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