Adrian Gonzalez’s wife Betsy Gonzalez


  1. Nancy Perez Serrano

    She’s doing what a wife does best, stand next to her man because the greatness of every man is his wife. God Bless to you both. =)

  2. Anna Mejia

    Congratulations!!!! on the addition to your family! It is also great at what that both of you do for the underpriveliaged youths God Bless you both and your new child and good luck. It looks like you both are going to make wonderful parents. Adrian has made baseball, about baseball again and not just about money like everyone else does, he is very passioate about it and thats the way its supposed to be you do not find that alot today in players especially in young ones like him. He is the BEST!!!!!Go RED SOX

  3. Tony

    Ed they do and how they do it, is amazing ther’e Americas finest..I just wish he’d slow down he’s too. Active year round his arms need more rest and toneing he’s gifted he’s got to protect it..

  4. karla Valenzuela

    Hi! My son Juan Carlos 9 years old, is doing a 4th grade school project about
    Famous Latino people who has had an important impact in our community in any area…like writer, politician or athletes, etc. My son is a base-ball fan since he was 4 years/old, therefore Adrian has been one of his favorite’s players so far. We would like to know where we can find more information about your foundation, Adrian biography but in Spanish, because he goes to an immersion program (Spanish-English). In Addition, we are very interested to promote your foundation because in this school, about 60% of his population are low income kids who would like to know that there is help outside.

    JC & mom

  5. Roseyna Valdez

    I had the great fortune of sitting next to you and your family at a Giants game in San Francisco(July’13). Your little girl was a delight! You are very blessed to have such devoted parents that are interested in helping your daughter be the best she can be. I could feel the love. If you need a volunteer for any of your projects involving children please contact me, I am a retired teacher willing to help.

  6. luis

    Adrian Gonzalez has always been my inspiration to play baseball it just inspires me to now that a mexican player can do so many great things ” Adrian is my favorite player of all time”

  7. Lulu

    Good Work, God Bless You Both, and
    Your Family For All You Do.
    You have a Beautiful Family.
    You Both Make A Wonderful Team…

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