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In a year when the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim made major waves by bringing in the biggest arm and bat from free agency in CJ Wilson and Albert Pujols respectively, few expected that their team would be sparked by a 20 year old starting the year in AAA.

20 year old Mike Trout has not only taken over the Angels, but he's well on his way to taking over all of MLB. People are using adjectives all over the place to describe Trout: hustle, heart, grit, determination and humility are all towards the top of those lists. There's little doubt that part of Trout's charm and humility come from keeping close ties to his hometown roots. The New Jersey kid has stayed close to both his parents, and his girlfriend. Mike Trout has been dating Jessica Cox since high school, and it appears that she's headed out west to be with him during his whirlwind ride to the top of the baseball world.

Trout told the Philadelphia Daily News that he knows why he stays with Cox:

"I met her in high school, and we trust each other, and she is one of my best friends. She is somebody I can talk to and is always here for me."

Jessica Tara Cox has already become a regular fixture at Angels Wives charity drives, most recently participating in a "Fill the Boot," campaign which raises funds for local fire departments. Jess previously attended Lebanon Valley College studying elementary and special education. So to recap: charitable, loyal girlfriend, who also has higher education in teaching children with special needs. I mean, Trout could probably land most girls in the OC, but I think he's with the best one he could find. Impressive resume, and here's to hoping Mike stays true to the roots that got him here.

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  1. tom green

    hey jess its tom green u sure have caught urself a record trout lol

  2. Keith

    Good for you guy's glad to see a fellow South Jersey boy make it. Keep Jess with you so you do the right things. It's easy to blow your shot. Went to Schalick High School (years ago) had my shot but thought I knew it all. Real proud of ya and my son is looking up to you. See ya when you come to Texas (Rangers)

  3. Ben Dover

    Get it in Mike!!!!!

  4. Bobby Keane


    Mike is a grounded guy because his parents Debby and Jeff raised him properly. I know you will have many happy years ahead as mates and best friends.

    Wishing you all the best!!!!

    Bobby Keane
    Birgit K. Toome,MD.

  5. David Main

    Playing down a few leagues huh trout? Big league bat needs a gal higher than a 4.3

  6. Emily

    his girlfriend was a substitute teacher for my class a lot of times, and he comes from my town!

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