Mike Trout’s wife Jessica Tara Cox


  1. Keith

    Good for you guy’s glad to see a fellow South Jersey boy make it. Keep Jess with you so you do the right things. It’s easy to blow your shot. Went to Schalick High School (years ago) had my shot but thought I knew it all. Real proud of ya and my son is looking up to you. See ya when you come to Texas (Rangers)

  2. Bobby Keane


    Mike is a grounded guy because his parents Debby and Jeff raised him properly. I know you will have many happy years ahead as mates and best friends.

    Wishing you all the best!!!!

    Bobby Keane
    Birgit K. Toome,MD.

  3. Miranda Solevilla

    Jessica Tara Cox,
    I just wanna say my son has loved Trout since the beginning i. Have always loved the Angels and got my son to love them too. I taught him win or loose we are always Angels fans through and through…..
    But i just wanna give you my support cause im sure its hard on your end with social media and some or any negative comments idots try to tear you down. But you always remember they are absolutely no one and nothing to you or trout. And you are more than just Trout. Always remember my dear you are amazing just being you…. That is why Trout fell in love with you. You’ve been there from the beginning and i hope to see you with him till the end….
    I hope Trout is really what its all about he is my sons idol. I hope there is way more to him than baseball. I hope he is not only tuff on the outside but inside as well.
    I hope that he doesn’t loose himself in the ways of the world.
    Cause its hard you both are extremely young and people can be really cruel and women straight evil… The 2of you have my respects and support. Keep your head up Jessica you know who you are hold on to that…. Don’t ever become who the media will try to turn you into…..
    FYI. You are Beautiful and. 100% strong just you by yourself holdon to that …..

  4. Angel's fan


    I’m a new Angel’s fan because a good friend of my daughter was traded to the Angels. Best wishes to you and Mike. He’s lucky to have found a lovely woman who loves him cause he’s MIKE and not an MLB paycheck.

  5. Nicole 2/28/15

    Hey Jess! U have one heck of an athlete for a boyfriend! He is my favorite player and I would love to meet him someday! Best of luck to u Mike in the 2015 year!

  6. BlackNavigator

    Mike, Jessica…I am so happy for two South Jersey people who seem to have their head on straight. Greetings from Vineland and Millville, and may God keep you both strong and together. Forget the haters and trust in your love for each other. The African American and Hispanic communities in South Jersey are very proud of what you accomplished. Be blessed.

  7. Trisha Andrews

    Well, isn’t that special. Mike Trout has a girlfriend, his high school sweetheart Jessica Tara Cox. The other day, I found out that Bryce Harper, the National League Rookie of the Year for 2012 and last year’s MVP, allegedly has a gal pal named Kayla. I’m just like those other single female fans. Jealous with a capital “J.”

  8. Linda Richardson

    He is so grounded….He could easily gotten a swollen head living in California all them starlets etc…Good job to Debbie and Jeff (mom and dad) and to Jess too for being not only a girlfriend but a BFF as well!!

  9. Douglas Adams

    Fill the boot isnt for fire depatments. Fire departments participate to raise funds for jerrys kids

  10. Victoria

    Mike Trout knows that money isn’t everything. Good health, a loving family, and a good wife also matter. A lot.
    Congratulations to the happy couple. Is the wedding set for after the MLB season?

  11. Guest Star

    Kudos to MT. SO MANY players – especially (unfortunately) African American players – devalue the women from their hometowns, childhood, colleges, etc. in favor of plastic-enhanced IG wannabees. Never understood that. A proven FRIEND is the best wife/partner one could ever hope for. Who cares if she ain’t Playboy material? Looks fade and are of no consequence during rough times. Better to have a friend as a lover than a greedy golddigger with plastic parts!

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