Mike Scioscia’s Wife Anne Scioscia


  1. Gary Forbach

    Hi Anne, never actually ever got to thank you for letting my family have your tickets, years ago when I was GM at Shape Up Fitness in CDM. You were so generous and kind and I thank you. Kinda crippled now but still love Angels and want to go to another game someday. Thanks and God Bless,
    Gary Forbach, HB, CA

  2. Rosario Dominguez Rubio

    Hello Anne,

    Congratulations on a great man. As a teenager I was a very big fan of the LA Dodgers, and although I was a big fan of Steve Yeager and felt a bit uncomfortable when Mike first joined the team, I soon came to like him too. He was quite a player.

    I moved to Mexico in June of 1980 and lost all track of my beloved Dodgers and of what became of them all. On Saturday I went over to El Paso to visit my mom and a baseball game was on TV. I believe it was Astros vs. Angels. It was then that she mentioned that Mike was the coach. It was a great surprise to hear that. Just now I remembered that and decided to look up some images of him as a coach and that’s how I came upon this page.

    I wish him all the best as a manager.

    Warm regards,

    Rosario Dominguez (ex Dodger fan in Juarez, Mexico)

  3. Ellwood Zimmerman

    Hello, Ann and Mike, “The years have slipped by so quickly but pleasant memories remain in our hearts. The first time I heard the name, Scioscia ,was back in 1944 when I was a student at Frankford High. Yes, that name came through. the loud speaker as they announced the Players and out came Lou Scioscia In that bright gold helmet and every one cheered. Me, I was a skinny saxophone player ,we wore blue capes that looked like the salvation army. However ,that lou Scioscia as good as he was as football player he was so much better as a man. Come to think about it ,That Scioscia family were just that a good and caring family that always treated people as they wanted to be treated always sharing .Mike, I will be 90 next year and Marge just turned 90. We met at Frankford High and have been married for 67 years .Any time your name comes up I repley”Mike Scioscia is a Good man and a very giving man that don’t come any better. Old Pal Woody

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