Josh Hamilton’s wife Katie Hamilton


  1. Tracey Kern

    I have read Josh’s book and it was wonderful. I am really glad that Josh si now sober but I think the real hero in all of this is Katie. She stayed with Josh when a lot of wives would have been out the door. While I admire him, she is one of my heroes in this story. I just love her!!!

  2. Kris Howell

    Mrs. Hamilton,
    My name is Kris Howell, and along with family live in NC. The reason i’m writing to you is my son! Like your husband, baseball is the love of his life. He is 20 years old and on his 6th day at the Life Center of Galax, Galax, Va. He was hit in the head with a baseball 4 years ago, which just about killed him. But thru that we found that he was born with a Chiari Mal-formation and has had two brain surgeries. He went on to play baseball his freshman year college in SC. He was voted Fall Pitcher of the year, things were Great. He got hurt mid spring season, this last Oct. he had Tommy John Surgery. My son has never been in trouble and is a child of God. But he has become addicted to pain medicine. I’m sure people ask you for many things, i’m asking for your prayers and any and all guidance your family may offer mine.His sister’s are going to see him on Aug 14th and taking your husbands book along.Somehow this wonderful young man has lost his way! Your husband has been right where my son is now. I’m not asking, i’m begging, will your husband, please help him find his way! As mother’s we will Beg, Borrow,or Steal for our children. That is what i’m doing now!! We don’t need money, or write-ups in any paper. My boy needs a leader to show him once again, that God has a light for him at the end of this long dark tunnel. My Boy has looked up to your husband for a very long time, and i now need your husband to look to my boy and try to lead him to this light. Thank you so much!

  3. Jeff Brown

    Hey Katie,
    Just reading Josh,s book. Hard not to cry while reading it.
    I’ll pray for you guys and the girls everyday. I’m a big guy at
    6’6″ tall but all of us together can’t beat the evil one. Jesus
    Never fails.

    My sister is an addict. Been 5 years now. Went through $500K
    In 2 years. She was married to a wealthy man. Learned a lot
    From the book on how to act. From you and Josh’s grandmother.

    I’m from NewJersey and a Yankees fan but Josh is my favorite
    Player. My prays and beSt to you and family.

    Yours in Christ,

    Jeff Brown

  4. Chris Jones

    My heart goes out to you. I come from a family dealing with addiction, a sister, two brothers, and my deceased mother. It was my brother who is currently incarcerated, and a recovering alcoholic, who brought your family and Josh’s story to my attention. He wanted to know if you guys were still together. I’m hoping and praying that you are, although only you and God know what is right for you. I do know that no matter how your story ends, you are living your life for God and helping others. I know you are forced to live in the public eye, but you should know that those of us who see you and your trials are grateful to you. I pray for you to feel God’s love, strength and Joy every day because with that, anything is possible. Again thank you for your hope and inspiration. I hope that my brother can learn from Josh’s story.
    Take care and God Bless,

  5. Kimberly

    Hi Katie, My family and I saw you and Josh at Gateway church and we know you both have a big heart. Could you please get your friends and family to vote for our cause. We are in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge and we could win $50,000 to feed the local children and families in the Keller ISD over the Christmas break this year if we get the most votes. All you have to do is vote 3x/day 3 different ways. Text 102980 to Pepsi 73774, and on our website and on facebook on go to Food for the Soul and then download a link and post it on your facebook page. Food for the Soul is a 501c3 nonprofit company and we have give away over 250,000 free meals to the hungry in America last year. If we win we will give away 81,000 free meals this Christmas. Thank you for listening and God bless. The most votes in October 2010

  6. Michele Werner

    I just read that you had a “dream” the God was going to give baseball back to Josh for something bigger, to help others. Well, you’re right!
    I am in a relationship with someone who has many qualities that your husband has. He has battled addiction his whole life and I believe God has bigger plans for him.
    I admire your husband and I admire you! Most people would not understand how and why you would risk staying with someone who has such a horrible addiction, but there is someone out there that understands, and that is Me!
    Congratulations to the Texas Rangers and your husband.
    He is an inspiration to many troubled people out there.

  7. Elizabeth Capps

    Hi Katie,

    I was one of the privileged to hear Josh speak this morning at First Baptist. However, as impressed as I am by his story, I am more impressed by yours. I have battled the same problems with my current husband, day 4 with baby #3 and left completely alone. That was 4 years ago and not much has changed. Hearing Josh’s story left me with hope that things can be different but that it is not up to me to change him – simply to forgive. YOU are an inspiration and I know not many wives are recognized for the behind-the-scenes heartbreaks and sacrifices they make for their husbands to become the “superstars”. Thank YOU (& Josh) for giving me hope. Elizabeth Capps

  8. Roxanne matlock

    hello katie,
    me and my son and husband were so lucky we got to hear joshs story at trinity church in and josh are amazing couple and i have read joshs book. my son plays baseball on a travel team and he strugglies now and then and so i wanted him to hear what all josh does and how he handles the pressure of son has been playing since he was five and sometimes i am not sure if he really likes it or not he has the talent we have seen it but sometimes he plays like he doesnt want to be there.i pray that god shows us if he still wants him to play or not.i do believe its his talent he just needs to use it. you are amazing wife and i hope i can be like you and i admire have been thru alot and i want you to know i will pray for you and josh and your kids.
    thank you so much for being who you are.have a blessed day Roxanne

  9. david winter

    I really am not a baseball fanatic, I’m a casual observer, but I found your book in the Christian Book Store, read the cover on it, and bought it for my son in law who is a baseball fan, and then I borrowed it back from him afterwards. I am always interested in human interest stories no matter what the setting, and have become a great fan of both of you, Josh and Katie, since I read the book, and I hold you both up in high regards. I have shared the story in your book with many people, but I have to be honest, I was sharing your story with a client of mine, and he informed me of your relapse, and so I had to research it, and my heart sank when I saw it was true. I PRAY that this addiction does not get the better of you, and what really scares me, is when you mentioned in your book that the drugs began to rule your life when baseball was taken away, one day baseball will be gone, and my only thoughts are what will you do then? What will you do when that “high” you get from jacking a ball over the fence is gone? I know God has an answer for that, and I hope He has revealed it to the both of you. My prayers go out to both of you. I am a Josh Hamilton and Katie Hamilton fan, BIG TIME, and if I ever get a chance to meet either of you, I really want to, not primarily becasue of your great achievements on the baseball field, but for what you have overcome off of the field, and the discipline it takes to stay straight.

    God Bless the both of you.

  10. Sarah Heil

    Katie/Josh –

    I have always been a fan of the Texas Rangers, but it wasn’t until this past summer when I attended my first game that I become so interested in the players. I saw Josh’s story on I AM SECOND & fell in love with his heart. I, next, then read his book. He is not only a talented baseball player, but a truely amazing person. I think your devotion for God to stand by him also says alot for the kind of Christian woman you are as well. You two are both a great inspiration. I love following Josh in his success & will continue even when/if he is no longer with the Rangers. I hope to meet him one day to tell him what an inspriation he has been!

  11. J Killom

    Mrs. Hamilton,
    I am the grandmother of a teenage boy whose talent in baseball has been recognized very early and is now the only freshman on his high school varsity team and he is a starter! He started playing at a very young age, like Josh. My son in law told me about Josh and his story, including the influence his grandmother had. We have been trying to get in touch with Josh to help intervene in my grandson’s life. His recent behavior has taken him down the wrong road, and could ruin his life, not only his tremendous talent in baseball. He has always been a child of integrity and compassion, but temptations and the influence of “friends” has jeopardised his life. He is a great admirer of Josh and we have been trying to get in touch with Josh. A letter, a phone call, anything from Josh would be most helpful.Josh could keep another young man from experiencing what we are experiencing. Josh’s grandmother makes me proud of all grandmothers, and gives me hope that I can be a vital force in the lives of my four grandsons and one granddaugther. They are all involved in sports! Thank you. Hope to hear from you or from Josh. We appreciate it so much and will pray for Josh’s continued success on the field and off.

  12. Mariah

    My name is Mariah and I am a recovering addict. I read Josh’s book for a book report. I am studying to be an alcohol and drug counselor. That book brought so many questions to my mind. Not to mention it was a fantastic book. Addiction is a very dangerous disease. There is not enough being done to battle the problems. Hopefully, in time society will start to see addiction as a disease and not just a choice. Thank you again for your courage! It is an inspiration!
    God Bless

  13. Regan

    I am Regan.
    I Love Josh Hamilton!
    I Have Read His Book Twice!
    He Goes To The Same Hair Cutting Place That My Mom Works At!
    My Brother Got His Autograph For Me, I Was Super Happy :D
    His Daughter Plays Softball Where I Play Softball At, But I Am A Bit Older.
    I Am Dying To Meet Him!!!
    My Dad Went To Wing Stop And Saw Him There.
    He’s My Fav. Ranger Player!! :)

  14. Mitch

    Hi Katie,
    I am only 19 years old but my life long dream is to play catch with a major league baseball player. I have recently graduated from high school and my baseball career is now over. I have never met a professional athlete before and I would love to be given a chance to. All I would like to do is shake his hand and play catch with him for 5 minutes. I know this is a lot to ask for since he is very busy with baseball right now and with other endorsements. If you ask why I pick Josh, it’s because he is an inspiration, I know that is something you probably hear daily, but he really is. I have been a Rangers fan for my entire life and would give anything to meet him. I’m just a normal college student who loves his family and the Lord and everything the Lord has blessed me with. I have a wonderful family and a wonderful life. I would just like to be given the chance to meet him and play catch with him for 5 minutes. I understand if he is too busy and it cannot happen. But i would be honored if I could be given the chance.

    Thank you for your time and God bless,
    Mitch McDougal

  15. Joe Di Cicco Sr.

    Mrs. Hamilton I have a 18 year old son who is a teriffic baseball player, he is a catcher, he has played baseball practically since he could walk, it was his life. unfortunately over the past couple of years he has taken a horiffic downward spiral due to the use of drugs…we have had him in therapy,rehab,counseling,we have tried everything, now as a result of a relapse, he is currently in a juvenile detention center due to be released on May 20. He has been talking about baseball the past couple of weeks,I visited him today and out of the blue he said he wanted to play baseball again, he said he had “unfinished business he need to take care of on the field” he immediately mentioned Josh, he obviously knows what Josh has been through, and now he is one of the best if not the best player in MLB. He said he wants to turn his life around like Josh Hamilton did…I know you get this all the time but..Is it at all possible Josh can write him, or possibly call him when he is released from detention… any words from Josh directly would encourage him even more,i know this an extreme longshot, but i love my son more than life and i am trying everything i can. I pray to God you can help…. Thank you Joe Di Cicco Sr.

  16. Robin Fish


    Just wanted to say I dearly loved Josh’s boldness in sharing his love for the Lord last night on “Letterman.” What an opportunity to share and he did. To God be the Glory!

  17. Jordan Maroney

    Dear Mr. and Mrs.Hamilton
    Hello. My name is Jordan Maroney and i am 13 years old and live in South Carolina. I read Josh’s book in my 5th grade year(i think in 2009) because my grandfather and uncle said i should read it. The night i got home with the book it was like my hands were glued to the book. The story and just everything about it was so amazing that i just couldn’t put it down. I just want to thank you and Josh for giving me something to enjoy.

    Love, Jordan Maroney

    P.S I read Beyond Belief two times because it was so good. Plus i am on my third time reading it :).

  18. Lindsay Foster

    Josh and Katie:
    I truly think that both of you are a beam of GOD’s amazing light and I love how you use your influnence on what GOD has brought you through and for what HE can do for us all. I am hoping and Praying that you both will be able to get a hold of me soon to discuss the help I need expressed in my letter. Another was mailed out yesterday, and should be in Arlington in a few days. Thank you again and may GOD richly bless you both. Keep on for HIM!!!

    Lindsay Foster

  19. lindsey kidd

    To Josh and Katie Hi, my name is Lindsey..Your Book “Beyond Belief” truly helped and gave incredible encouragment to my husband, Mark and I when he was in the midst of surrendering to God his cocaine addiction. That was in September 2009, specifically on our 1 year wedding anniversary. We live in Greensboro NC and since that time we have truly experienced God’s grace and god has used our story and struggles to help others…I admire my husband so much and am so thankful to Jesus for giving up his life to save us and give us hope and the grace to overcome dark times. I am posting this link of our testiminy that was shown at our church and it is modeled after your online testimony, I wanted to encourage you and also would love and am praying that someday you and your wife and us could meet up for dinner in Raleigh. Thank you for sharing your words and also thanks to your wife for being an example to me.

  20. whitney

    Josh and Katie,
    I think it is great that you are letting the Lord use you in such a way. You could have given up and walked away, but you trusted in Lord. Thank you for using the stage God has given you to spread the gospel. God bless

  21. Sylvia

    Hi Katie,
    ireally admire you. Because as much as I think of Josh. What you have gone through and the way you have gone through it is amazing. My life has some similarities to yours. I too had a daughter when I married my current husband. He is a great person, but an alcoholic. I left him several times feeling hopeless that he would never change. But I’m living proof that God creates miracles. I have been married 26 years now, I have 3 daughters, 27,24,and 14. I have never been happier, and I thank God for giving me the stength and courage to stay with my husband. I wish you the same.


  22. kerri

    thank goodness Josh has God to guide him, cuz only god knows why he is with that bleached blond ugly lady. probably knocked her up and felt guilty to stay with her. Josh, you could do better.

  23. Don Crum

    Josh and Katie,

    I’ve been trying to send this email to your Triple Play Ministry but it returns saying the box is full.–

    I am a Baptist pastor from Texas now in Indiana, that is a big fan of Josh and the Texas Rangers. I admire your Christian witness and I am praying for your journey. In my ministry just this week several “closet alcoholics” have made known to me their addiction.

    Yes, I am fully aware of the tremendous pull and destruction from addictions including drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc., for I also have a war journey that God using for His glory.

    Josh, I can help you if you will let me. You don’t know me but God has led me through a journey to teach me the truth of Scripture that can set us free when we want to be free and are willing to do it His way. His way is by grace and not by hard works (law, performance). So many of us think we can try harder, suck it up and fight our flesh patterns. All believers have flesh patterns and mine are just as bad as yours in God’s eyes, especially when I try to fight them in my own strength.

    His way is not through the typical message of Salvation and then try hard to win. Having an accountability partner won’t work without knowing the truths of elaboration of our co-crucifixion and co-resurrection with Jesus and how that affects each believer–how it effects our spirit, soul, and body.

    Josh, I am willing to come to you (I have a home in Corsicana, TX) and teach you and Katie the truths about “Who we are in Christ” which will guide you on a journey of freedom, victory and useability for God. Just give me two + days and if you really want to be free, you will realize that He loves you and wants you to be free!!! I am waiting to hear from you.

    Don Crum

  24. Bill REilly

    was wondering if Josh would like a recovey bible i have been clean 4 almost 25 years this bible has helped me and many other because we all are recoveying from something if he is interested please contact me at the above e-mail address GOD BLESS Bill REilly

  25. Marianne Freeman

    To Katie and family- I have bought Josh’s book twice. The first time my wonderful, loving, talented son was found unconcious under a park bench on Martha’s Vinyard, put in restraints and sent to his first of many treatment centers. He was on the fast track to play Division 1 football when a torn ACL left him addicted to opiates. Ten years later, we sit together in our apt. just him and I, because I am all that’s left of his support system. He lost the book and I bought it again. I just finished it for the third time, and I needed to tell you that Josh is a gift from God, and you are an angel. As is Mary Holt. Unconditional love will prevail. You both made me believe that We are HUGE Red Sox fans, but I root for Josh, silently, as you know how Boston fans can be! I root for you too. Loving an addict, wether wife, mother, sister, brother, is the hardest test anyone can endure. Because of your story, I will never give up. I have been to six funerals in my life of boys under the age of 25. Mostly prep school kids, who fell victim to opiates. Way too many. Thank you for not keeping silent. You are my heros. Pray for my boy.

  26. David Pucciarelli

    My name is David Pucciarelli, I am a professional artist/photographer from NJ. I am so very proud to say that I have been the Artist/photographer for The Mickey Mantle Baseball Classic Organization (Commerce, OK) for 10 years. I have also been blessed through hard work and faith, having had incredible opportunities working with some amazing professional athletes and such. We all have thorns and we all fall short at times. It’s how we respond and how much faith we have in God, which helps us realize we can have trust and faith in ourselves. I know this through first hand experiences, having been the cause of some of my own problems as well as servicing a head on accident while on my motorcycle, by a drunk driver. Countless days in Hellish pain and several surgeries, I finally came out of that physical and mental agony through faith, however, not with many personal set backs and even an addition to pain killers… Having said all that, my respect for Mr. Hamilton and his family is immeasurable. Not just for what he is able to do in baseball, but how hard he has worked at making it through that personal wilderness and keeping his faith while still having to feel the pain of some of those thorns he must withstand. Mr. Hamilton is as close to my heart as Mickey Mantle is, not just for there amazing talent and abilities, but for what they both have gone through, and how both, in the end, are stand up people whom take responsibility for there actions, and to put themselves out there as a roll model, to be better people then they had at certain times in there lives. GOD BLESS JOSH HAMILTON and his family; may he walk in the Lords light and may the Lord continue to help him defeat and destroy those thorn bushes which are everywhere in life. My best-Dave

  27. Christina

    Your story is amazing. Our family is a huge fan and we love the book. It is an inspiration to all who read. Thank you for sharing your story, it has definitely made an impact on our lives. Something I’m sure you’ve grown fond of hearing;) Katie, you’re an amazing beautiful woman who has inspired me personally! Thank you again–see you in Houston when you play the Stros this month!

    God bless,

  28. Ken

    Katie and Josh,

    I thank God that he uses you both as messengers of his loving grace and forgiveness. I remember the first time that we met when I brought my grandson Dillan to meet Josh at the eye doctors. Katie, you were so sweet and generous as to ensure that Josh gave Dillan some of his percious personal time. You will both be always near and dear to our family and always in our prayers. See you at the games.

    God Bless Always,

  29. SlimJimbo

    Why are so many of you people writing to Josh Hamilton and his wife on a random blog? WRITE TO THE TEAM OR HIS AGENT. They’re never going to read any of this.

  30. LindaD

    Just finished reading “Beyond Belief” and found it to be one of the saddest books I’ve ever read. I cried several times while reading it. I truly believe that God will help anyone if you earnestly call upon him and it had to God that spoke to Josh. I’m a braves fan (from GA) but now want to see the Rangers just to see how Josh is doing. I’m going to pray for him and Katie that he will keep his eyes on Jesus and never look back at his old life. God Bless you Josh and Family!

  31. Grams Socia

    Josh, your “slump” right now is not accidental…if God is in control of your life. I pray for you and love to watch you play. Glad you are “kicking” the smokeless tobacco habit…when your body and mind adjusts to being free of that poison you will come back. Don’t forget God promised to restore the years the devil stole from you while you were in relapse. Count of four years more than a player normally would have. You just can’t leave the are so loved and have so much support…the kind you won’t find anywhere else…money is not that important…your family and your free life in Christ is it.
    A 72 year old grandmother. Grams

  32. Ethan

    Wow. I understand the concept of “messing a good thing up”. The “thing” is, this is Josh’s third year to make critical off season mistakes in both private life and the sport. I would love to see Josh truly gather his life up. My prayers go out to him.

    I have a few friends who have struggled with varying levels of drug use most of their adult lives. It was a staggeringly beautiful thing to see Josh influence my buddies in this miraculous way.
    I am a 23 year old guy who is a huge Rangers fan and always have been, therefore I tend to automatically point fingers whenever we don’t win the World Series.

    Josh has not impressed me (as if I have the right to judge any other human) with his relapses, Google images, and most importantly his post season baseball, but I still hate to see him go in 2013.

    Ignoring the inappropriate previous sentence; I believe that Josh has already done God’s will. I have seen it in my friends. First of all, I pray for he and his family as they pass through dark waters and the media typhoon. I truly hope that he understands the enormous amount of money given to him as well as the ludicrous nurturing that the Rangers have provided to him. No one else seems to enjoy the perks of having lives, and still living, a Josh Hamilton life. We shall see.

  33. jonathon yancey

    why r so many of u people writeing to josh hamilton and his wife on a random blog?WRITE FOR THE TEAM OR HIS AGENT.THere’re never going to read any of this.

  34. Wayne Scott

    Josh Hamilton is such a phony, ungrateful hypocrite. He spit in the faces of his team and then uses his religion bto excuse his greed. I wish him all the worst with his new team. And his wife is just as as bad. Why don’t they both move to CaliforniaBet he lets his new team down as well.

  35. BIG AL

    Any1 who faults josh for taken that contract is an ASS,an a hypocrite,as they would of done the same given the opportunity.He’s in his 30’s and never had that HUGE payday other players of his caliber have gotten bcuz of his “problems”.He kept his nose clean and produced plenty 4 texas for relative peanuts,in 4 yrs he’ll be on the backside of his career and will make less,DONT HATE someone for wanting financial security for his family…btw TEXAS SUCKS!!!

  36. JulesWeng

    Dear Katie/ Josh Hamilton,

    I am a High School student in Apex, North Carolina. I go to Apex High School (a rival to Athens Drive High School) and I am a part of our school’s DECA organization. Me and my partner are hosting a charity event to raise money and awareness for the Mircale League, which is a baseball league for people of all ages with special needs. My partner and I were hoping to create a raffle and have Josh Hamilton donate something autographed for us to raffle off and raise money for the organization! It would be wonderful if you could help us out, it is very much appreciated! Thank you!

  37. christine porter

    the lord is my shepherd I shall not want he makes lie down green pasture he restore my soul iam so sorry to here what happen with kattie she will be remberd in prayer

  38. Doug Albert

    Hello Katie and Josh,

    My name is Doug Albert and I am a junior in high school. I am currently doing a research paper on Josh about somebody who is an outlier and I thought that Josh was the perfect choice. I have been looking for ways that Josh has been the beneficiary of some kind of unusual opportunity, I was wondering if you could think of any specific examples of this.

    Stay Strong and Continue to Trust in God,



  40. HelloThere

    Now that Josh will be getting a divorce, I am available for the beautiful woman who will be single again soon. I would do her anytime

  41. HelloThere

    Reverand, you should not push religion which is your way in life for not really having a regular job. You don’t work for a living, you are a salesman who needs to get people convinced to go to your church or you are out of a cushy spot.

  42. rosa lake

    Dear Mrs. Hamilton,

    When Josh was a student at ADHS, I taught English and remember him fondly. I have followed his career, its ups and downs. You have courageously loved him faithfully. I remember when he found his way back to God, and I am praying that it will happen again. I am dismayed over the news of his filing for divorce, and know that God WILL bring him back to living for his Savior. Not many teachers would touch upon spirituality, but I included Biblical Scriptures in my literary selections and always prayed that the Holy Spirit would guide me. I do so want to encourage Josh to reconcile w/God. Please let him know this. If I can be of encouragement, please let me know how. I don’t want him to forget his days of witnessing for our Lord. In Christian love, Rosa Lake, teacher.

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