Josh Hamilton’s wife Katie Hamilton


  1. rosa lake

    Dear Mrs. Hamilton,

    When Josh was a student at ADHS, I taught English and remember him fondly. I have followed his career, its ups and downs. You have courageously loved him faithfully. I remember when he found his way back to God, and I am praying that it will happen again. I am dismayed over the news of his filing for divorce, and know that God WILL bring him back to living for his Savior. Not many teachers would touch upon spirituality, but I included Biblical Scriptures in my literary selections and always prayed that the Holy Spirit would guide me. I do so want to encourage Josh to reconcile w/God. Please let him know this. If I can be of encouragement, please let me know how. I don’t want him to forget his days of witnessing for our Lord. In Christian love, Rosa Lake, teacher.

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