Howie Kendrick’s wife Jody Kendrick


  1. Carol in chattanooga, tn

    Jody and Howie,

    I was trying to email Howie, but am happy to find this access to both of you. I work with Tiffany C and know they are out there seeing you. She showed us the purse she made for you, Jody.
    She is wonderful, and I think it is also the day to wish Howie a happy birthday.

    (Don’t think I am crazy (or crazier than I am) My family has always loved baseball and I am so happy for Tiffany. She is proud of you both.


  2. Eric

    Hi Jody,
    Was Howie at the Fashion Square in Scottsdale today(Saturday)? I got cash out of the ATM and found his Bank of America debit card. We are just in town visiting from Minnesota and don’t want to just give it to guest services and give someone the opportunity to do something dumb. Please contact me ASAP and I will get it to you or him right away!


  3. Adele Young

    Hi Jody and Howie,

    Before I really tell you why I’m writing, let me say Howie, how crushed I am that you’re no longer an Angel. I am a huge Angel fan and have enjoyed watching you all these years. Guess I’ll have to start watching the Dodgers also to continue to follow you. Good luck with your new team. I know they are lucky to have you!

    Now to why I’m writing you! I read above where the two of you are heavily involved with animals! I just started a new fundraising business a year ago, The Ultimate-Fundraiser, please check out my website! I will be starting to work with a dog rescue located throughout the country and will be speaking to the main contact located in Maine this weekend. Once we have ironed out all the details, I would love to speak with you about helping out your organization as well. When you check out my website, you’ll see what we are all about. I had mainly wanted to deal with schools, but have been a dog lover all my life and think this venue is going to be wonderful for all concerned.

    After you have looked at the website, please let me know what you think! I live in Las Vegas, but will be in southern Cal next month sometime and would love to discuss the program we have developed with you and get your feelings. Howie will be in Spring Training, which I won’t be able to make this year, but could meet with you, Jody if interested!

    I hope to hear back from you on your thoughts about my fundraiser! It’s new, one of a kind, and very exciting!


    Adele Young

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