C.J. Wilson’s girlfriend (ex) Dominique Piek


  1. Dee

    I think they broke up. They don’t follow each other on Twitter anymore. What dark-haired, long-legged beauty will be next?

  2. Maria

    Yeah I think they broke up also. Neither one follows each other on Twitter and Dominique is everywhere but Texas. It’s pretty hard keeping a relationship going when you don’t see each other.

  3. Liz

    From reading their twitter accounts, I don’t think they are together anymore. Example, while CJ was in Anaheim, Dominique was or still is in LA hanging out with friends. If my boyfriend was pitching an hour away and I haven’t seen him in months I would definitely be in Anaheim. Also, while the Rangers are in the playoffs, Dom will be back in South Africa. Hmm… Definitely broken up! Also CJ has been tweeting about Olivia Wilde, he doesn’t talk about other women when he is in a relationship.

  4. Stephanie

    I just read on CJ’s Twitter that he dated Dominique. Yup they”re finish. I guess he is crushing on Olivia Wilde now.

  5. April

    Does anyone know about his ex fiance? I was listening to the Dan Patrick show a while ago and CJ said he was engaged in 2005. Learn something new everyday.

  6. Angela

    I was thinking the same thing when I heard she was dating Chris Pine since September. I was like damn, this chick works fast! It’s funny cause from what I have read the reason CJ and Dom broke up was because she lives in NYC and wanted him to move to there. Now she is dating Chris Pine and he lives in LA also.

  7. Nicole Amberson

    Dont know if u remember me but I modeled a few times. I just wanted to say I’m sorry u and sexy C.J aren’t together anymore. I just want to say you are a sad person. He is an amazing man and I love watching him at every baseball game hes in. He is a sexy sweetheart and you missed out!!!! Haha!

  8. Ads

    Busted!! He was talking to someone nobody knows who lol the whole 2012! Yet had no time for his girlfriend. I wonder is he pro abortion¿? Well cj?

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