Jason Kendall’s ex wife Chantel Kendall


  1. Laurie

    Thank GOD Jason got custody of their children and has them in Kansas City with him! Now what does that say about Chantel? She has ZERO out of FOUR of her children, she is TRASH and belongs with Sean Stewart cause that is what he is! Jason is a great guy and it’s too bad he had to go through this with her, she is repulsive.

  2. doug

    …used to sit in the bleachers in oakland w/ jason was with the A’s….she sat in one of the boxes in the bleachers….smoking…drinking while PREGNANT with her youngest child……so much for safety of an unborn child…living it up as a ballplayers wife…not not good decisions on the health of an unborn….sad…so sad

  3. maxine

    God is that her in those photos above?!? She’s terrible looking what is he thinking? She looks like she’s had way to much plastic suregery…sad state of affairs I wish that man the best of luck and hopes he finds a nice girl next time around!


    Wow Jason Kendall you sure picked a crappy broad to marry. I know you love PS3. Stop playing video games & focus on getting a quality gal.

  5. Emma

    fuck all of you. Chantel is an amazing woman who has custody of her 2 oldest children, thankyou very much. YOU ALL ARE STUPID FUCKERS WHO SIT ON YOUR GOD DAMN COMPUTERS ALL DAY AND HATE ON PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW. FUCK YOU ALL BITCHES

  6. Bob

    It speaks volumes when a woman does not have custody of any of her four children. In fact, while she has been partying it up in LA, she has gone two years without seeing her younger two and over a year without talking to them. Probably for the best as I can’t imagine her alcoholism and substance abuse would be healthy to have around the younger ones. Congratulations Jason on realizing the type of woman she is and leaving her when you did. Thank God her looks have long faded, fewer men she will be able to trap and steal from.

  7. Sandy

    Well Emma, that certainly proves what everyone is saying about the ex Mrs. Kendall. You certainly have class with that language! Almost as much as she does!

  8. Bob

    Sandy, if the Emma above was the Emma who is the daughter of the self proclaimed drug addict, I would think she would have a very different response today. Chantel did not have custody for most of her oldest two kids’ lives. She had it temporarily, but then somehow, they ended up with their father shortly after. Neither of those poor kids have had a positive mother figure.

  9. Janie

    Wow imagine how difficult it would be for a guy like this to find a sincere honest woman…. The gold diggers and white trash can’t help but prey on men of money, but a zebra can’t change its stripes and eventually the real “fake” comes out… I always say you can tell what a woman is like by the children she has raised and in this case that says it all about this broad…

  10. Mallory

    I’m glad Jason left that trash, and good for him for leaving her and getting custody of his kids. He’s a great guy and deserves all of the happiness and love in the world. If he’s available, I’d love to meet him! :-)

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