George Brett’s Wife Leslie Davenport Brett


  1. Kansas Girl

    WOW! Who exactly are you? Maybe “Kansas is one of the most boring places on the planet” to YOU but it is a wonderful place to live and raise a family to others. This is a sad little site you have here talking and bagging on locations and people that you do not know.

  2. DRL

    @ GNC. The article states “they played in the same division” not the same team. U simply must have misread the article

  3. Laurence

    Ive read so much hate directed at these women, its not remotely funny…..this site is probably run by guys who have been haters, since they’ve come out of the womb, probably didnt have GFs in HS.. and havent been laid, since Prohibition…

  4. J lawson

    I have a picture of George in a stretch limo in a parade holding one of your boys. I cannot remember what year the picture was taken or what the occasion was. I want to give this picture to my son because he has a George Brett wall of all kinds of memoriabilia. It is beautiful and he is an avid fan of George’s. And of course the Royals.

  5. K F

    Who wrote this piece of cr*p. I cannot imagine why someone would not want to put their name on this fine piece of investigative journalism.

  6. Dawnde

    Wichita the most boring place on the planet?! I moved here…twice…from Seattle and love wichita! It is NOT the most boring place on the planet, your article however is!

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