Bo Jackson’s wife Linda Jackson


  1. Genie Hinson Pridmore

    Linda, I heard you are from Thomasville Alabama. I am from that little town . I find it amazing that you and Bo have protected your family. I love what you both have done for Auburn.



  3. Jon Miller

    Hi Mrs . Jackson,

    My name is Jon Miller and I live in the Chicagoland area. I grew up being a huge fan of your husband. I had every poster, plague, and trading card you could imagine. I also collected many of his bats from over his storied career. I loved the passion, dedication and the perseverance that he displayed not only in baseball and football, but through life itself. I believe your morals and beliefs help Bo and your family to be where you are today. God Bless you and the Jackson family!

  4. Tommie Pernell


    I commend you on your achievements and I have fond memories of the occasions where Ronnie and I would stop in Thomasville to pick up you and Cynthia as we were headed back to ‘Skegee. I was in Thomasville last week and thought about you. I trust that all is well with you and your family as it is with me and mine.

  5. Lindsey

    Hi Linda
    Suprise. How are you? where is Sam, and Ray. I often think about Thomasville and my old friends. I have not been there in years. I always say I am going a spend a week just to see folks but I never do. This summer, I am going to do it. My sister Marion, and brother Bobby are both dead. Its just Ronald and I. Take care


  6. Jared

    Dear mrs. Jackson,
    Your husband changed the lives of so many sports fans… He changed it for the good… He has such a good heart for the game, his family, friends, and himself… I know I wasn’t born to see him play but I’ve seen enough highlights of him to come to the conclusion that he will always be my #1 favorite running back of all time… I’ve never seen any running back like him before… His power, agility, strength and awareness to just be able to read those players out on that football field… He’s a great person… I would do anything to have the honor of meeting him… Take care guys and be safe…

    Your favorite fan,

  7. Susan Rogers

    Hi, Mrs. Jackson,
    As I type, my husband and two boys are watching the 30 for 30 Bo Jackson documentary on Netflix. As native Alabamians, we are so proud of your family’s accomplishments. Wow! What an amazing legend Bo is to our great state! I felt compelled to thank you for your fine example as a family that has stayed true to their commitment as husband and wife, parents, and wholesome values. Bo’s humility and generosity is what shines the brightest about him, and man, he is awesome, truly an unbelievable specimen of athletic talent! His Bo Bikes Bama charity ride is a wonderful endeavor, and it truly shows what a real man should be – a servant for God and his fellowman. God has blessed you, and may He continue to do so in all that you do to lead others in positive endeavors. I teach 6th grade in Somerville, AL, and will use Mr. Jackson as a role model as a leader as I teach 7 Habits. Thanks again and happy future!
    Susan Rogers

  8. Susan Lyles Pugh

    I am watching 30 30 and I just told my family I did your wedding in Thomasville. AL. Well really near Dixons Mill. I owned Flowertown in Thomasville. I also directed your wedding. Fond memories of your precious Mother. She was indeed a fine lady and a good friend and customer of mine.

    I am now 72 years of age and live in Northport. I remarried 8 years ago after being alone for 18 years. Both my parents are Ina better place now. Your Dad was a good customer and friend of my Dad. Lyles Service Station 3 miles North of Thomasville on Hwy 5.

  9. Rodney

    Hi Linda,
    It’s Rodney Green(Garrett) from home (Margaret Garrett’s grandson). Just wanted to say hi. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen you. Just wanted to say I hope all is well with you and your family. My son is a big fan of your husband. We both loved the special on ESPN.

    Take care.

  10. Rita R Berg

    Hi Linda I was wondering if any of your sons is interested in baseball or football. You know the first time I met my husband. I quizzed him on the Raiders ! He was coaching football so I asked him who is the all time best player He said Marcus Allen ! Wrong I said it is Bo Jackson ! He is so multitalented . Used to watch him on the Raiders team all the time those were my fondest memories I was a single Mom of three and I made big parties to celebrate the Raiders Game my two sons also became Raiders fan . My fondest memories are of watching Bo. He is the greatest

  11. Anthony Nguyen

    My dad went to Auburn with Bo Jackson. My father was so poor during that time that he would read a supplementary textbook at the store since he couldn’t buy it himself. Apparently Bo saw my dad reading the textbook everyday and told my dad to “just put it in his basket” and bought the book for my dad. He still has it to this day. Knowing this I have no doubt Mr. Jackson was a good man to Mrs. Jackson.

  12. Desorae Giles-smith

    Bo Jackson is truly the demonstration of excellence and dedication. He was built country strong and smart has a whip. I wish he was on ESPN , I would love to hear his comments on sports today. He is a man’s man. My dad always said the best people are the people raised in the country. Bo is still the best!

  13. Sankey

    Saw Bo tonight at Tommie’s roast. I told him to tell you hi. He beamed as he told me about your work. He seemed very proud. Go Skegee!

  14. J. C. Stanley

    Saw a piece of news tonight on TV about Bo. Just had to re-read info remembering that you are from Thomasville, AL. My family lived there from 1966 til 2012. I practiced dentistry there for 32 years, saw several of your relatives, and had a special respect for your mother. Remember her passing and yours and Bo’s attendance while you were near term with your child. Have followed your careers with a great deal of admiration and thankfulness for your contributions to the well being of so many young people. I am grateful to God for Your stands for what is good in this world. God continue to bless you and yours. Dr. and Becky Stanley Don’t use title anymore.

  15. Anonymous

    to bo and mrs Jackson I wa watching do you know bo for the first time tonight on you tub I sawa commercial he did with bo diddley then I had to watch the series on bo oh my god he was hust great the should put him in the hall of fame because of the great things he has done when he walked up that wall I could not believe he walked uo the wall was so great I think they should put bo int to th nbl and the national fbl because he was such a great player the have should give ti to him because of just hog great he was that stupid gut that cause him to hurt hi leg was so crazy the could not stand anyone being as great as bo was may god bless and keep you always I had brain surgery 3 years ago I had 6 brain aneurysm’s and I thank god I am still above ground may god bless you

  16. Jim Putnam

    Just watched 30 for 30 on ESPN.Such a great athlete,for sure.I’m sure you have a better idea of the gifts that made his athletic accomplishments possible.To me,now older & somewhat wiser(I think?),that it seems humility plays such a vital role in the truly greatest & “most beloved”past athletes like Bo.It seems so important to why they were so great & certainly why they are still so fondly remembered!!Being a Montanan I really appreciate his low key approach to his success in every facet of his life.Being older I value having such great parents, myself.I hope the best for you,Bo,& your kids!!

  17. jordan alexander

    Hello Mrs.Jackson your husband is my favorite oldschool baseball players of all time me and my godbrother Marquis would be having baseball arguements on who’s better out of him and Barry Bonds and I say Bo is better and he would say no and I say yes because Bo was and still is today the first athlete to be an allstar in 2 major american sports and was the highest paid athlete of all time but your husband will always be my favorite oldschool baseball player of all time by the way I’m 15 years old BY:JORDAN ALEXANDER TO:THE JACKSON FAMILY

  18. teresa

    To jordan alexander.. BO JACKSON NEVER CHEATED.. if he had done steroids like bonds he would certainly NOT have had the career that he did.. PLEASE. PLEASE.. dont ever argue with your brother again about who is better.. Bonds is unfit to clean bo jackson’s toilet, much less be compared to him in any area of life but especially athletically.. If my brother or sons liked bonds i would examine his character !!

    To mrs.jackson.. My 23year old son is in player development with the miami marlins and told me he wants to be like bo.. I sed go for it !!!! I teach them to be like JESUS but that its good to have human role models also..
    I am grateful to GOD for u and ur family.. I too raised boys as a single mom but didnt have it nearly as hard as bo’s mama.. But my sons struggled and still do at times with fatherlessness and lack of self discipline growing up.. Now they are young dads but i am so proud of them for being good daddies and doin Right.. Not following in their dad footsteps like it could have been so easy to walk away.. Thank you so much.. You are my role model, and women like u.. Rachel robinson..

  19. Brian Nelson

    Hi Bo, I live in Grove Hill,Al and wondered did you live in the nice brick house just off hwy 43 years ago, just wondering because I was told you did. Anyways hope you and your family are all well. I grew up a HUGE fan WAR EAGLE by the way but I looked up to you and admired your strong never give up determined mindset. Not only was I a football and baseball fan but I grew up in the country myself and deer hunting is just a passion and way of life.Well don’t wanna go on & on so Ima go but good luck with your future good hunting & war eagle

  20. Kizzy

    Everyone acts like he just ran over bosworth, lol all it was, was an unclean tackle and as BO was falling, he fell in the endzone. People act like BO dragged him 20 yards.

  21. Gary Lawrence

    Hi Mr and Mrs. Jackson, My name is Gary Lawrence, your former next door neighbor, Bo Jackson was the man everybody wanted to be like, congratulations on a successful career, may God continue to bless you and your family.

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