10/12/14 (Updated)

Alex Gordon's wife Jamie Gordon

Alex Gordon's wife Jamie Gordon's has inserted her name into the national discourse after a less than wonderful interview on Dallas Sports Talk Radio, KTCK. After Jamie was unable to answer a couple relatively easy questions (Do you know who Yoko Ono is? for example), the board operator began playing a clip saying "stupid bitch." The hosts continued the interview and continued playing the clip, without ever apologizing to Jamie or letting her get in on the joke. As if the mean spirited interview wasn't enough, the Kansas City Royals public relations department demanded an apology from the hosts, who declined to apologize to Gordon directly. They did graciously agree to apologize to the PR staff as it was their job to pass it along as a liasion to the player.

Alex Gordon's wife Jamie has roots in Nebraska, hailing from Lincoln just like her husband. Both went to college at Nebraska and has decided to return to Lincoln to live and raise their children in the offseason. In an interview with Huskers.com, Gordon told them his reasons for returning to Lincoln:

Raising children is a full-time job. Her family lives in Lincoln and mine does, too. Lincoln has that home-town feel for both of us. When you grow up in Lincoln, it feels like home whenever you go back.

The couple has one son together, Max, who was born in September, 2010. Alex Gordon was the Royals 2012 Roberto Clemente nominee with each team having one representative nominated for the annual award for giving back. Unsurprisingly, Jamie is involved in a variety of charitable endeavors with the Royals Wives, including the annual Royals coat drive and working closely with adopt-a-pet.com for local pet adoption drives.

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3 Responses to “Alex Gordon's wife Jamie Gordon”

  1. Scott Sidwell

    Jamie, we have never met before and I set behind you and Max several times a year in my season tickets behind your crown seats. My name is Scott Sidwell, I am a avid Royals fan since I was seven and now I turned 50 this year. Your husband is my pick as the most valuable player on the team. I have been thinking about Alex and family for awhile now on one subject. Would Alex have any thoughts of owning-running his own Insurance agency in Lincoln Neb. I would train Alex here locally and down the road when age/retirment thoughts come closer we could own the agency together and build him and your family a life long income like no other. I have never offered this to a sports person before, not for sure at first if Alex would like the insurance field but extremely beneficial once you understand how this works. We are a broker that offers home,auto, commercial and life insurance, we can shop thru about 8-10 carriers to find the best coverage/pricing available with top named carrier. My agency name is Summit Insurance Group here in Lee's Summit Missouri. Please check out my web site, I have done this since 1996 and is the best work I have ever done and residuals is one of the key items. To own your own business with life long income after retirment would keep the current income streaming after baseball life slows or stops one day. Please call to discuss or to meet, I am a true honest person and run a very honest business, both sides will win if interested. Next time I am at the game and see you I will introduce myself as we keep watching the Royals go all the way!!!

  2. J.L. Baker

    Love Alex-My FAVORITE ROYAL! And I'm the proud owner of 2 Beautiful maltese-Jack and Harry.I didn't think it was possible to love you guys anymore but when I saw the photo of you guys and the puppies I melted.Huge fan of you too and your dogs. GO ROYALS!!

  3. Bill Mansfield

    I'm bill Mansfield I grew up in papillon nebr I'm a big hunker fan in any sport I'm royals fan even tho I live in Longview wash you can send me auto graphs pic of my favorites bb player bill Mansfield 4244ocean beach highway apt 108 Longview wash 98631 Ty jamie