Zack Greinke’s Wife Emily Greinke


  1. kevn

    Hey whodey… whodey think you are? Emily is the nicest person ever. She is a self-supporting, independent, caring woman. She deserves the best.

  2. justin

    Emily is the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. She is just a darling young woman. Zack is very lucky to have her in his life.

  3. Jon

    She is a Gold Digging Whore? She has been with him since High School. How does that make her what Whodey embarrassed himself by saying? If she met him in the Majors – I can more readily accept that but not when they have known each other since High School.

    Whodey is a MOOOOOOOORON

  4. Mike Kennedy

    Good Luck with Zack! You to appear made for each other…
    P.S. Zack should of won the game he pitched on Sat…

  5. Marie

    My cousin is one of her best friends. She’s so sweet and funny. I met her at my cousin’s wedding. (I was the flower girl.) she’s an amazing person.

  6. Cloee

    Zack Greinke was placed on paternity leave on Friday in order to spend some precious time with his newborn and his wife. He was scheduled to pitch on Friday in New York, but he could possibly return by the end of the weekend to pitch at Citi Field. Ian Thomas was recalled from Oklahoma City, and he will get the start in the Big Apple in Greinke s place.

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