Justin Verlander’s girlfriend Kate Upton?


  1. Sharon

    I am disappointed to hear that fame has gone to Justin’s head. Was Kate Upton standing by her man for 11 years (like his girlfriend Emily??).

  2. John

    After seeing pix of Emily………….If I was given the choice of who to date I’d choose Emily. She is gorgeous and soon Kate will weight MORE than Justin.

  3. Mike

    If this is true, it’s too bad. Upton is a slob. Get your head back on straight Verlander (if this is true).

  4. Kristi

    I have to say I have always gotten the douche bag vibe from him and it has now been confirmed. Not a smart choice Justin when MLB’s largest growing fan base is women. We are the first to stand side by side with another of our own before we stand up for a Cy Young/MVP. Karma buddy….Karma…

  5. Colleen

    I hope it was over with Emily before he did this. If not, shame on you Justin Verlander. Regardless, I am no longer a fan. Not into the “Mr. Hollywood” type….Not that he cares!

  6. deeper

    i hope not…Emily is so pretty and kate upton is gross with her sloppy boobs and sloppy body. she’s not fat but she has absolutely no definition, and is she even 21? she’s Gunna be Packin on LBs drinking…since she’s young and probably dumb.

  7. Señora Más

    He can do what he wants off the field as long as he is kicking butt on the field…which he ain’t doin’ lately so, hmmmmm…..

  8. sarah

    i have met both justin and emily, and they were such a great happy couple. however i recently saw him dining with brunette girl, not kate upton or emily…so it looks like he is really playing the field now. the fame seems to have gotten to his head.

  9. Linda

    Maybe Emily should have put her foot down 6 years ago….any guy who says “she is the one but I am just not ready” is certainly not looking for a wife from the one who has warmed his bed for 11 years!! He certainly doesn’t deserve such devotion. And he certainly ain’t the “D”s ACE anymore. That title should belong to Sherzer

  10. John

    Verlander is a farmer compared to Uptown Kate. He wears plaid shirts, she goes for flash. He’s from farmer-town Goochland, VA. I give it six months. Emily should tell him sayonara and let him pay her $$ for hanging around ten years.

  11. John

    Now that the Yankees have won their side, I dont think the Tigers can beat them – which leaves Verlander and his plaid shirt crawling after Upton for commiseration while Upton is uptown in Cannes. Sorry, but I just cant see this pair working out. Hear former gf Emily is back in Virginia.

  12. John

    Again, can you see Uptown Kate wallowing in rural Goochland, VA and visiting video arcades for fun? Then during off-season, she can read mags while he plays golf every day. Hope he has flashbacks during the holiday season!

  13. Lisa

    Other than sex I don’t know what the attraction would be unless he is really immature. I don’t see them having real deep conversations. She’ll move on to an NHL player once the strike is over.

  14. Mary

    All the Tigers and their wives/girlfriends were standing in the field celebrating their win – and there stands JV with his parents! He’s controlled by his PR people now – they dont want him to be another A-Rod with all his galpals. And wont Grandpa V have a nice time reading the naked spread in an upcoming mag in November of Kate! happy thanksgiving!

  15. susan

    I conquer with all these comments. I also was a fan.No longer! Emily will have the last laugh.Kate does not seem like the girl to bring home to Mama!! Shame on you Verlander.

  16. Cyndi

    Typical, thought he was above that, but apparently not. Good luck with the new little twinky. Hopefully, Emily will move on to better things (anything is better than a jerk)!

    Karma, Karma!!!

  17. Lillian

    I know this wonderful girl Emily. She is not only beautiful on the outside and the inside. You don’t find a young lady like this every day. She put everything on the back burner to help him and make him happy. Emily please remember u are loved and will always have a home in Michigan.

  18. Lisa

    I think Emily put a curse on the Tigers…haha. She is getting the last laugh. Coincidence that Verlander did so bad in the All Star Game and then disastrous in the first World Series game which set the tone for the series? I don’t think so. At least JV and Kate are keeping their relationship private…I don’t really want to see her around town.

  19. Kathy

    I was a huge Verlander fan, but he had two strikes against him this year:
    1) Hot dogging it at the All-Star game. He said he wanted to entertain the fans with his fast pitches. We all know how that went. Hey, Justin, it’s not all about you.

    2) Dumping Emily for Kate. I have seen her in interviews. She can’t put a complete sentence together. Now I know Justin doesn’t care whether she is articulate or not, but he should care that she wouldn’t have given him a second look if he wasn’t a famous athlete.

  20. maria

    I think Justin would be better off without Kate Upton she looks like a stripper or something of that nature, real beauty comes from the heart, I think justin let his fame go to his head, then when he was in a slump he acted even worse, his game did improve around the end and I was very happy with him, I heard they had broke up but who knows, find a nice girl justin not a plastic chick.

  21. jacinta

    You have stunk ever since you started dating Kate Upton. I think you need to reevaluate You did sooooo much better when Emily had your back. Get rid of the fluff and find some one who loves you thru thick and thin EMILY

  22. absolut

    I know what is wrong with Justin. After hanging on to Kate’s huge hooters his finger span has expanded not allowing him to get a good grip on a baseball. Now if the American League switches to a softball his problem would be solved. Just an honest opinion.

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