Don Zimmer’s wife Soot Zimmer


  1. ;Drew Travis

    Dear Soot, I am so sad that “Zim” is no longer with us. I was the pastor of a small church in Elmira, New York from 1988 to 1998. An elderly woman in our church, Ruth Waid, said that you and “Zim” took pictures in her yard in front of her rose bushes on your wedding day. I occasionally saw minor league ball games there in Elmira. My brother and I are big baseball fans and always admired your husband’s honesty, spunk and home spun humor. He was a baseball treasure. Baseball will never be the same without him. God Bless You
    Pastor Drew Travis

  2. Amy schneider

    Thank you for a beautiful and inspiring story about two wonderful people. The world will miss Don, and we will hold Soot in our hearts.

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