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Max Scherzer's wife Erica May-Scherzer

UPDATE 11/30/2013: It's been a heck of a November for Max Scherzer's wife Erica May-Scherzer. After watching Max win the Cy Young award, the two were married on November 23, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The couple took off for a honeymoon in New Zealand shortly thereafter.

Erica May Scherzer has been in the picture for the better part of the past decade. The wedding was a culmination of staying together through years of toil through the minors and rise to fame in the bigs together. It's always nice to see a couple go through the tough parts in life together and come out shining the other side.

Congratulations to Max and Erica Scherzer.

Outside of Detroit (and fantasy baseball leagues with K/9 as a category) Max Scherzer still isn't a household name. That's all about to chance with the Tigers making a run in the 2012 playoffs, and the rest of the country will quickly learn what type of pitcher Max Scherzer has become. After being drafted late Max decided to attend Missouri to pitch instead. Probably a good choice as while he was at Missouri Max Scherzer's girlfriend Erica May entered his life.

Erica was a pitcher on the Missouri softball team and the two have been dating for over 8 years. Our prediction: if Max and the Tigers win the World Series this year with he'll be proposing to Erica in the offseason. I mean 8 years is a long time for a girl to be dating a guy and not get a ring. Hell I'm shocked she is still around after 8 years. Not only was Erica a big softball fan she is also of all things a huge Oakland Raiders fan. Seriously check out her Twitter page @emaysway and she has constant updates on the page anytime the Raiders play. The headline on her Twitter page says "Coloradan by birth, Raiders fan by choice." Not sure why someone would choose to be a Raiders fan but so be it.

This season hasn't been all good for Max and Erica. In June, Max's brother Alex committed suicide after battling depression. Born only three years apart Max and Alex were extremely close. Max pitched three days after Alex's death as a way for the family to rally. He held Pittsburgh to 3 runs in 6 innings of work.

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