09/22/14 (Updated)

Anibal Sanchez's wife Ana Sanchez (Marrero)

With Detroit in the ALCS and Anibal Sanchez scheduled to start one of the games, I'm hoping that somehow, someway we get some more pictures of his wife Ana. To say the least I'm intrigued by the few pictures we were able to find of Anibal Sanchez's wife Ana Sanchez (especially the one at the Miami Heat Game).

Ana Marrero is the second wife of Anibal Sanchez. In 2007 Anibal and his first wife had a son that they named Alan. Sadly within three months Anibal's son contracted dengue fever and passed away. The marriage soon broke down after and Anibal and his first wife divorced. This came on the heels of a lost season with Anibal undergoing surgery to repair a torn labrum. Pitchers can deal with a lot of injuries but shoulders are the one injury no pitcher wants to have. So having lost his son, wife, and coming off shoulder surgery I think it is safe to say Anibal was not in a great place both personally and professionally.

Things seemed to turn for the better when Anibal met Ana. The couple married in 2011 while Anibal was still with the Marlins. In July of '12 he was traded to Detroit to help bolster a potential lethal playoff rotation. The playoffs are not the only thing Anibal had to look forward to in October. Anibal and Ana are expecting their first child at the start of October (she may already be born) and they plan on naming the girl Anaballa.

To recap, Anibal has a child named Alan, Anaballa, and a wife named Ana. Wow. Just wow.

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  1. Knneth Kuuttila

    What did you feed Anibel befor the game tonight ? Keep feeding the same the whole season, you can be proud of Anibel he pitched a great game. Congratlation Anibel you are the greatest. Ken