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Troy Tulowitzki's wife Danyll Tulowitzki

Troy Tulowitzki's wife Danyll Tulowitzki is a patient woman. Hundreds of nights on the road, with a baseball obsessed husband, and a gaggle of Rockies and fantasy baseball fans can't be easy. A source of great content amongst his fantasy baseball owners last year, Troy Tulowitzki is likely only viewed as a savior for the Colorado Rockies. What both geeks and team have in common is they just want Tulo to stay healthy. And maybe relax a bit with the baseball obsession. Tulowitzki is known to always being thinking about his sport, even passing up on a free vacation in recent years.

Troy and Danyll have been together quite some time now, having started dating when they were in high school and she was better known as Danyll Gammon. Both attended school in Sunnyvale, CA and stared on their respective gender's basketball teams. Troy seems to really appreciate that he has known Danyll for so long, telling the Denver Post in 2010 that "[she] was there since the beginning. She was with me when I was a nobody". Combined with his faith, Danyll has kept him grounded and focused on the sport he loves so much.

Troy and Danyll Tulowitzki were married in November 2009. They have two dogs, named Ripken and Rawlings. And you thought we were joking about the baseball obsession...The two have been together since high school. Troy proposed in 2008, and the couple is set to be married November 7, 2009.

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  2. mariah carey

    SO r they married or not ????? and by the way shes very ugly he can do so much better !!!!!!!!!

  3. rockiesrob

    Why do people have to be mean. I guess they are jealous. I think she's lovely and I wish her and tulo the best of everything. He's a class ballplayer.

  4. l

    Jose, first of all learn how to speak English and form full sentences. Second of all, you are pathetic and a pig.

    "Mariah Carey" yes they are married and no she is not ugly. I feel quite bad for you, here you are hiding behind your computer screen (probably as ugly as your heart) and you're so insecure you have to attack someone else simply because you are jealous? Please go make yourself feel better elsewhere, no one wants to hear your envious comments.

  5. judy

    he is not faithful, I know for sure. she should know

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  9. Mrs.Freese

    Aww, she is adorable. She isn't a ritzy beach blonde or anything but quite pretty. I don't know what l you haters think, are you blind?

  10. jayson

    i think there great for eachother and i hope the best for tulo on basball and with his wife and family

  11. jayson

    i think there great for eachother and i hope the best for tulo on baseball and with his wife and family

  12. Elaine Erickson

    Beautiful couple. Stay happy.

  13. aubrionna

    who cares on how she looks maybe its her personality that he likes.

  14. Jill

    I don't understand why some people have to be so mean just to try to get a reaction because your life is so unhappy. Troy is a remarkable person and happy..Keep your negativity to your self!!!!!!

  15. Sauli

    I used to go to school with Troy. Very serious and always about succeeding...

  16. tallmtnman

    Judy, you really don't know. Prove it, if you can.