Troy Tulowitzki’s wife Danyll Tulowitzki


  1. mariah carey

    SO r they married or not ????? and by the way shes very ugly he can do so much better !!!!!!!!!

  2. rockiesrob

    Why do people have to be mean. I guess they are jealous. I think she’s lovely and I wish her and tulo the best of everything. He’s a class ballplayer.

  3. l

    Jose, first of all learn how to speak English and form full sentences. Second of all, you are pathetic and a pig.

    “Mariah Carey” yes they are married and no she is not ugly. I feel quite bad for you, here you are hiding behind your computer screen (probably as ugly as your heart) and you’re so insecure you have to attack someone else simply because you are jealous? Please go make yourself feel better elsewhere, no one wants to hear your envious comments.

  4. Dude rty

    I guess in sports your filthy rich and get the great babes !!!! I can’t even get thank from a babe when I open a door at the local discount store !!! In the future if some babe wants my help I’ll tell her go get a sports player or get a super cutie mama’s boy !!!!!! Screw the bitches !!!

  5. Mrs.Freese

    Aww, she is adorable. She isn’t a ritzy beach blonde or anything but quite pretty. I don’t know what l you haters think, are you blind?

  6. jayson

    i think there great for eachother and i hope the best for tulo on basball and with his wife and family

  7. jayson

    i think there great for eachother and i hope the best for tulo on baseball and with his wife and family

  8. Jill

    I don’t understand why some people have to be so mean just to try to get a reaction because your life is so unhappy. Troy is a remarkable person and happy..Keep your negativity to your self!!!!!!

  9. Colin DeMar

    What a sweet couple! They also welcomed a son, Taz Tatum, into the world in January 2014! And also, Mariah Carey, that wasn’t very nice. I have doubts that Tulo doesn’t look at her by how she looks, but he looks at her because of her heart. I am disappointed that he gets injured all the time. Tulo, Danyll, and Taz, have a great life together! What a sweet family!

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